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23rd November 2008 06:23:08

did YOU SEE MY VIDYOjavascript:emoticon( 'Question')
15th November 2008 13:23:37

look AT MY VITEOjavascript:ejavascri pt:emoticon('Exclaim')motic on('Exclaim')
13th November 2008 05:09:13

hijavascript:emoticon(': D')
8th August 2008 13:06:16

hows everything in california going?
7th July 2008 07:06:01

did you see my page? harry put hello kitty on it for me! he's a sweetie!
7th July 2008 07:05:10

ahhh, that's better.
7th July 2008 06:46:00

ok, i'm not in your top 8? well, well.
17th May 2008 07:28:02

Hey wats up? i made a group called BEFORE YOU BREATHE YOU CAN join it if you want to just look on my page Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
24th April 2008 17:23:13

hey auntie& uncle!!! how's it goin thanx again 4 cuttin my hair auntie!!! love you guys!!! Very Happy Smile lol Cool Wink Exclaim
12th April 2008 18:04:06

Wow. I like your music. You are great! Very Happy
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Last Update:
Monday, 24 March 2008
Last Visit:
Saturday, 25 October 2008
Band Members:
Joel & Beverly Wild
United States
Band Website:

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