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28th July 2007 08:21:33

hello! how are you? Smile Very Happy
24th January 2007 16:02:30

im on like book five of psalms...i love them!....but yeah have fun doing your really happy cause i have 2 exams left and we have friday off!...but yeah last night i went to see mandee play at one of her games...she was a beast!...but yeah ill talk to you later!
24th January 2007 15:58:07

hey!!! exams have been great actually and im going to finish with a 3.9 so im pretty happy about that!...haha yeah i just started to apply myself this year i know how that goes!.....thats awesome your reading it every night its really refreshing (spiritually)...its just one of those things that you have to get used to and then its routine......
21st January 2007 11:22:35

hahah...i was thinking maybe ask on of the people why they have a limit and then you know ask very politely if they could prohibit max characters!...that was my plan but the spamming might work too Smile ...i just finished one review packet for chemistry and i started at like 8....this jank is cray!...well have fun at church! to ya laterzzzz
19th January 2007 15:41:31

I LOVE MY JESUS!!...haha i miss camp so much!...but yeah how are you doing...okay so me and ann are going to protest this max. letters thing...are you in?... Very Happy ...well i hope your doing well...and stay warm! about to go study!...we have exams next week Sad so everybody knows where ill be! to ya soon! Praise Jesus!!
17th January 2007 18:59:26

hey Emmy!! AHH IM SERIOUS!! Very Happy
16th January 2007 13:33:38

you ~make~ all !my! dreams come *true*
13th January 2007 19:12:49

haha yeah well im the last child so i was usually the one taking things...u know cause im devious like that!..but yeah um ive been in school for two weeks now, i cant believe you were on break the whole time!...thats some crazyness!..but yeah i have like mad projects to do on my monday about a break Cry LOL...ttyl
13th January 2007 09:10:43

WOW thats so awesome...i LOVE snowboarding...was the snow fake cause like today im wearing shorts again like its summer or something...i dont think i got ur card yet cause like sometimes my dad will forget to give me my mail but he said he didnt see it so it might be on its way...but yeah do you have monday off?im so happy i needed that extra day!!
5th January 2007 15:37:09

BLEE i had 1 character left and i finished...but yeah the maximum character is getting on my nerves!
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