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14th June 2011 13:37:43

u gotta a good voice man Smile
1st December 2009 19:13:23

Love your music! :smile: -Lydia Mae
1st December 2009 19:13:16

Love your music! :smile: -Lydia Mae
18th October 2008 09:46:04

good music
12th October 2008 16:50:23

hey there no problem! i really like your music! keep it up
12th October 2008 01:25:17

I particularly like The Day My Saviour Died
12th October 2008 01:21:36

Kia Ora, Great, genuine, lovely songs. Keep on doin what your doin........
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Friday, 17 October 2008
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Tuesday, 25 November 2008
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James Nicholson: Solo Artist
I was born in the province of Ontario, in Canada. After trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour at the young age of 9, I quickly developed a passion for praising the Lord through music! I decided this year, to put my hobby to use, and create a demo CD with some of my own music..the CD consists of 8 songs, and is titled "The Road To Heaven" Please add me as a friend, let me know what you think! Thank you and God bless
Musical Influences:
Growing up I was raised under the standard, old time gospel hymns. Eventually as I grew older, and began to develop my own tastes, bands such as Jars of Clay, Reliant K, Kutless etc..began to appeal to me. My music has been influenced by countless numbers of songs I have heard in my lifetime, and I try my best to represent different styles in my music!

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