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11th July 2012 11:54:31

I don't know anything about you but your music rocks.
21st June 2011 01:11:02

good stuff
22nd February 2011 21:40:41

Awesome sound!
20th February 2011 13:43:09

This band is AMAZING!
26th June 2010 12:20:20

sup...what cha doin???
16th May 2010 15:39:51

i have never heard of this band..wanna b frienz???
9th May 2010 14:49:49

this is really cool
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Last Update:
Friday, 08 April 2011
Last Visit:
Wednesday, 13 April 2011
Band Members:
Justin Pierre: Vocals, Guitar; Joshua Cain: Guitar; Mathew Taylor: Bass; Jesse Johnson: Moog; Tony Toxton: Drums.
This is a FANPAGE for Motion City Soundtrack. Like the music? Good. Have a song suggestion? Even better. Drop me a line sometime, and let me know. (To add my personal mypraize, go here:
United States
Band Website:

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