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29th June 2009 19:28:31

Hey, great bio. Love, joy and peace to you....
15th April 2008 15:38:21

10th November 2007 10:32:44

u rock could u send me the chords/ tabs?
20th October 2007 10:34:32

11th September 2007 12:05:34

luv yuor songs!!!! be my buddy!
28th August 2007 11:46:19

u guys are awesome!!! i really like ur music!
11th July 2007 07:26:39

yur awsom
4th May 2007 20:37:59

u guys r good!!!! Very Happy
10th April 2007 18:20:39

U guys r awsome lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
28th March 2007 22:03:54

Y whats kicken Cool
Quick Link:
Last Update:
Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Last Visit:
Sunday, 11 March 2007
Band Members:
big foot, darth vader, davy jones, adolf hitler, buddha, some violent hippie dude, and me, alexander the great. together we are THE PEACE TEAM!!!!! wait, its just me, sry, im alex, and i play guitar. had a band, made that song, but they all left.........
big foot-lives up in the woods, no1 knows for sure which ones, but has been spotted on endor mostly. we cant understand him, he mostly makes grunts growls and howls. and when he moans it means hes hungry. he likes butterflys, daisys and long walks on the beach. ----------------------------------- darth vader-aka anakin skywalker. born on the desert planet of tatooine, learns the ways of the jedi at age 9, under obiwan kenobi only to end up bein cut to pieces by him 15 years later, joins palpitine on his quest for revenge, but still doesnt kno he killed his wife. he likes nsync, rainbows, and unicorns. --------------------------------- davy jones-a man who fell in love with the sea, a ship and some voodoo girl. ends up cutting his own heart out(how he survives, idk) put in some chest, aka the dead mans chest, with a key he keeps with him at all times. hes a man of his word, and enslaves a crew of men who turn to hidous sea monsters for eternity, and his best frined is the kraken, and he cant land on er land for ten years. he enjoys things like ballet, leg warmers(pink ones), and shopping when he can go on land. ------------------------------------------ adolf hitler-the crazed pyschopath who tried to conquer the world, and blames the jews just because his first wife was one ofthem, and ended up messing with his muastache. so he hates them. his interests are wearing womens underwear, playing in mcdonalds playgrounds, and playing candyland. ----------------------------------- buddha-the mistaken chosen one. one day, after eating 20 bowls of rice, he said "dude, i like nirvana, we shuld go see them." and so when he saw them he said peace, then punched him the face. so some guy thought he was some chosen guy and started some religion about him. all he wanted was rice and nirvana cds. he likes skipping in the rain, painting his nails purple with little red hearts on them, and talking to his tom cruise poster on his wall. --------------------------------- hippy-uh, we dont kno to much about him. buddha found him on some street and gave him a lava lamp. all he can say is BABYS ON THE HALF TIP. and he carrys a huge ax, so dont mess with him -------------------------- alexander the great(me)-well i gave up trying to conquer the world, i jus gave hitler some tips tho. i told him not to go in russia during winter! but noooo, he wouldnt listen to me. neways, i decided to start this band because the world needs more peace. and i feel that this band really shows peace, and we can make a difference.............well other than that i want to glorify god in all i can, so i decided to start a blugrass band. heres the line up: bigfoot-drums/screamer2(he jus makes the loud grunts and wierd noises) darth vader-bass davy jones-organ (however u spell it) hitler-ukalaly buddha-violin/screamer1 hippie-lead banjo me-banjo/vocals
Musical Influences:
blink-182, underoath, stellar kart, hawk nelson, relient k, switchfoot, pink floyd, blindisde, quietdrive, falling up, angels and airwaves, boxcar racer, chevelle, david crowder band, sum41, foo fighters, kutless, new found glory, the offspring, sanctus real, senses fail, skillet, switchfoot, tbs, tfk, and my church worship team : ) Get my banner code or create your own banner
United States
Band Website:

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