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15th April 2013 14:22:52

my name is.Lucy Pleasure to contact you after viewing your profile today. i like it write me through my email for easier communication and know everything about each other and i will send you my pictures I will be waiting to hear from you
7th September 2010 15:34:55

I have made a group for our American soldiers and i would love for some people to join...its a place you can express yourself.
3rd July 2007 12:57:24

"I love God no matter what?" repost this to 5 other people that u now in 5 mines. If You Truly Love GOD. A miracle Will Happen Tonight. P.S. Donít ignore God always watches
21st May 2007 07:42:25

im more on the east end of pa, so ohio would prolly be a bit of a stretch, but you never know. i visit a lot of family in western pa
17th May 2007 07:39:39

hey what's up guys. hope everything is okay. Cool
16th May 2007 12:18:08

hey, love the music. do any shows in the pa area?
14th May 2007 07:18:15

What up guys? me nothing much just about to head out for vacation during this summer. I have one more year till i graduate and i am very happy. no more school except college.
17th April 2007 13:14:26

hey what's up guys? hope everything is okay. love your music. God Bless you guys. Wink
16th April 2007 16:15:49

Hey there! Where in Ohio are you guys? b
7th April 2007 17:05:22

Smile hey wuz up with u!!!~Love Rebecca~ Wink
Quick Link:
Last Update:
Sunday, 25 March 2007
Last Visit:
Monday, 28 May 2007
Band Members:
Nate Hein - lead vocals; Kevin Bang - guitar, BGVs; Tony Evangelista - bass, BGVs; Chris Nau - keys, BGVs; Bob Sweeney - drums
Since January of 2005, the members in A Certain Sign (ACS) -- Tony Evangelista, Nate Hein, Bob Sweeney, Chris Nau and Kevin Bang -- have been writing and performing alternative Christian rock music. They released an EP in February of 2006, called "Opening Up", that is now distributed nationally, and available on iTunes and CD Baby. ACS played numerous shows in support of this release, including the "Real Music" talent competition in April, which featured the premier Christian bands in Northeast Ohio. ACS also placed 13th out of 40 bands in the online Artist Ovation contest conducted in the summer of 2006. The band's most recent achievement is to be included in the upcoming Cleveland "Rockers for Life" compilation CD, which will include bands of all styles in the Cleveland area who have donated their talents to the fight against drunk driving. More information on this release is forthcoming. The band has been influenced by songwriters and bands ranging from Bruce Springsteen to U2 to Audio Adrenaline to Kutless, with their music drawing comparisons to some of these acts. The message of the band is simple -- You have God-given talents. Use them to make other people's lives better, glorifying God. In doing this -- you will find fulfillment. The fall of 2006 finds three of the members of ACS in college, while Kevin Bang and Bob Sweeney continue to play ACS and Kevin Bang songs -- mostly in coffee-house type venues. The members of "ACS" continue to turn to God for his direction and guidance for their music ministry. Vote for A CERTAIN SIGN in the CORNERSTONE FESTIVAL 2007 NEW BANDS SHOWCASE! Click BELOW!
Musical Influences:
Our influences were thrown into a big pot to make new-music soup. The flavor, while familiar, will have it's own tasty identity. Our CD, Opening Up (EP), is available on CDBaby for order and on iTunes for download. iTunes search for "A Certain Sign"
United States
Band Website:

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