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15th November 2008 08:45:07

Hi guys, You are good. The music itself is great. Whoevers doing the singing, you could use a little bit of vocal training, but you have great potential!!! Later, Rach
27th September 2008 20:54:42

hey, great songs guys - really inspirational with a great organic feel.
19th September 2008 04:40:49

i have no idea how to download songs help me
4th July 2008 20:46:26

keep up the good work yall have potential!
28th December 2007 10:47:13

hi i like your music
16th November 2007 14:09:02

u guys are all right... Very Happy
6th November 2007 11:19:06

hey blond whooo! lol lol
6th November 2007 11:19:05

hey blond whooo!
20th October 2007 10:33:14

YA'LL ARE AWESOME! THE BLOND HEADED BOY IN THE PIC IS ALMOST AS FINE AS MY BOYFREIND! (Another Girl) Yea I love ur music just as the blond! rock on!
20th September 2007 11:31:03

AWSOME MUSIC my favorite is glorify Very Happy
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