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14th July 2010 14:22:05

they're pretty awesome!!
27th November 2008 19:17:57

i know them too!!! loli grew up with nathan!!!
4th July 2008 11:33:51

hey i know the red airplanes and they would love for anyone to get their music out!!!
16th January 2008 15:07:58

yea they are awsome i am friends with them!!
22nd November 2007 07:14:41

i love come back. my 14 year old sister played it for me & fell in love with it! Exclaim
17th November 2007 10:05:57

hey yall r awesome i love safe!!!
17th November 2007 10:05:52

hey yall r awesome i love safe!!!
17th November 2007 08:08:00

hey.... i've heard ya'lls music. I live in corpus christi and my friend played me some of ya'lls music.... Yall ROK Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim
4th November 2007 04:05:43

safe is awsome i love ur music Very Happy
28th July 2007 05:11:29

Safe is awesome! but wut i really love is the music on it!!! its so b u t ful. You guys rock! Very Happy
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Wednesday, 28 February 2007
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Thursday, 22 March 2007
hey everyone The Red Airplanes is an awesome band it's not actually them here but I'm trying to promote them and get the word about them out they have done so good! in just this last year! they have to albums out which is amazing to see them come along so far! and are still sharing the word of jesus christ!! =] they are just simply amazing =]
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