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2nd January 2010 09:42:56

You guys rock
29th October 2009 15:20:52

Your music is incrediable and very true
16th August 2009 06:58:44

i luv u ....u guys rock...#1 hit the fight!!!!!!!
1st July 2009 08:22:45

My siter likes you guys! and i kinda do!
19th June 2009 03:36:39

u guyz hav good music i got it on my profile...
30th March 2009 09:26:59

hehe i love u guys! wish ya had seattle on here tho : /
26th March 2009 08:16:28

25th March 2009 08:10:11

I LOV U GUYS U ROK MY SOKS!!!!javascript:emotic on('lol')
Quick Link:
Last Update:
Friday, 15 June 2007
Last Visit:
Tuesday, 22 April 2008
Band Members:
Matt MacDonald (vocals); Justin DuQue (guitar); Robbie Negrin (guitar); Skip Erickson (drums); Alan Clark (bass)
This is not just music. This is hope. This is not just a band. This is a mission. This is an attempt to fill the void for a generation feeling detached, overlooked and phenomenally misunderstood. Dig deep and find yourself in the lyrics and vibes The Classic Crime takes you on a journey through pain and redemption, leaving the searching soul with hope for something better. This is an invitation...
Musical Influences:
Two big horn rams in the midst of a ferocious battle.
United States
Band Website:

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