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Hey guys! If you didn't know, Standby Band broke up way back in 2012, the only reason for this profile and our pure volume profile is to just kinda remember the band. Or i guess you could say the band name, since the band was just me! Ill probably load a few more songs that i recored under Standby Band and maybe post some old photos but thats about it, no new music, the band isn't coming back.

 Way back when MyPraize was the band's first profile, if i remember right. Of course i deleted it and then later decided to make this one. But yeah this was the first place we had a profile. I remember having a blast posting new songs and announcing stuff! Ive had some good times on here and I'm glad its not gone! I know not as many people use this site anymore but hopefully that will change with the new re-design coming up.

I remember going into the chat room and there being lots of people there and they were just having a blast! I know i had a blast on here! I hope i can continue to enjoy MyPraize! 


John Stuart

Standby Band 

I play mostly acoustic guitar, sing, write, record, create midi tracks, etc. I'm seeking a musical Christian brother(s), to play and sing with for fun, fellowship, and ministry. I was raised on psychedelic music, art, cosmic consciousness, peace, and love, which gave rise to the Jesus movement.

jms10 Hey guys, its been a while since i posted here. I wanted to tell  you about my blog that i post on a lot with my friend Matt. It's called The Ramble and basically we just ramble about the latest news that we like. Follow Here:


"Be still and know that I am God."-Psalm 46:10

Sometimes God  commands us to be silent, to stop talking and to listen to what He is saying. As humans, we tend to get wrapped up in the ways of the world and forget to listen to that small still voice that is God. The more important it is, the softer He talks, beckoning us to listen. We pray and complain that our prayers go unanswered, but I beg to differ here. God answers ALL prayer. Not as we see fit, but in the best possible outcome for the situation. Stop, what you are doing right now. Yes, stop reading this post. Look up to Christ Jesus, call out his name ask His forgiveness for being that Doubting Thomas. Ask to wipe the slate clean and to humbly stand in his presence knowing who He is and ask to come before the throne of grace and ask forgiveness. Then, be silent. Wait with patience for your answer. It will come. Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven which means Look first for God and you will find that He is already waiting for you to open your heart to Him.

yupitzme_rene I have not logged into this account since 2009. It's now 2014. I'm 21. I graduated High School. Went to college for awhile. Got married young. Had a beautiful baby girl named Emery. Now I'm a stay at home mom. We love watching Disney princess movies, coloring and just bein funny. I wouldn't change it for the world. I got on here and realized how crazy young I was when I would write and post things. Depressing things mainly. I reread all my old blogs and understood why I felt certain ways toward things. Anyways, im done updated!




I have no idea how this site works or anything but hopefully I figure it out soon! I joined this site because I want to meet Christians who are a) my ages and b) further along in their faith journey than I am.

I recently came back from a retreat called TeenStreet and it was amazing because I got to meet people from all over the world who were at different stages in their faith and it helped me so much. So I'm looking for the same thing to happen on this site!

So fingers crossed aye? 

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It's been nearly 3 years. You could say I do not come here often. I am out of the Marine Corps, married, and in college for engineering. God is good. Even if I had none of these things, God is still good.

However, this is not what I wanted to write about. It has dawned on me that many churches lack sound doctrine. The "prosperity gospel" preachers (such as Joel Osteen)  and the "word of faith movement" preachers are teaching utter blasphemy. Yet the scriptures are fulfilled as these false teachers have huge church membership stats. "For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions" (2 Timothy 4:3). Truly, the way is narrow, and few will find it. Note: I am not implying  a large church instantly means bad doctrine.

I will not sit idle on this anymore. You can research these false religions on your own. Guard your hearts. A true biblical church is hard to find. Go to extremes to find them. One of our church members used to drive 4+ hours every Sunday from Houston to north of Dallas. Finally he moved up here to be near the body. Now I am not exalting man, but simply giving testimony that it is worth doing.

In recent years, I have found reformed theology to be biblical. Paul Washer, John MacArthur are couple to name. An EXCELLENT website is

In my younger years, I was in an unbiblical church. Women were allowed to teach and have authority over a man (against 1 Timothy 2:12). The pastor was not a man of one wife, but divorced and remarried (see 1 Timothy 3:2). Yet God is able to save in all situations. Indeed, I do not doubt my salvation from my youth because I repented and believed in Jesus Christ, the only One who washes my sins away. However, that does not mean we do nothing about unsound doctrine. I have much to say, but I do not want to write a novel write now, and it's late.

I will leave a sermon audio link. This is my pastor at Grace Life Church of Dallas. It is solid preaching. I am thankful to have found a biblical church near where I live, as I know that is rare.

Sorry for not hyper-linking it. 


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