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Toronto He&rsquos been criticized Leafs Iphone Case, condemned and analyzed, but tonight, Phil Kessel did his duty and scored a goal late in the third period to place the Toronto Maple Leafs past the New York Islanders two-one.


For Kessel, the aim marked his 23rd of the season, and for the Leafs, the win keeps the playoff dream alive moving them back inside of 6 factors of the eighth-seeded Carolina Hurricanes.

&ldquoObviously, I&rsquove had my chances right here, but luckily, I was in a position to go finish to end,&rdquo explained Phil Kessel in his submit game feedback to the Toronto Star.

But of course, Kessel wasn&rsquot the only reason the Leafs had been in a position to place away the Islanders who going into tonight had won 6 of their final seven video games. James Reimer when once again stood on his head making 28 saves.

&ldquoHonestly, I was feeling fairly sick throughout the first time period and begin of the second as well,&rdquo Reimer advised the Canadian Press. &ldquoI wasn't feeling really good. It was a mental battle out there, just trying to be conservative and not do as well a lot so I wouldn't ralph all over the ice.&rdquo

One particular of the Toronto Maple Leafs' largest difficulties this season has been their inability to finish off video games. This past Saturday, the Leafs fired 47 shots at Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson only to drop one- in a shootout, and earlier in the season, the Leafs fired 36 shots on Washington Captials third string goaltender Braden Holtby and have been only able to put a single purpose by him.

Toronto Welcome to the very first edition of Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down the place throughout the season we'll be focusing on weekly positive and adverse notes.


Right after suffering defeat on opening evening the Habs rallied from a two-1 deficit on street to a 3-two victory against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday evening.

With the first two video games out of the way, the Montreal Canadiens head home in preparation for a clash with the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Bell Centre this Thursday. This contest will also mark the return of former Hamilton Bulldogs coach and NHL rookie Man Boucher.

Even though we're only two games into the season, we all know a few query marks have previously arisen and many shiny gold stars need to be distributed.


Thumbs up to you, Primetime

Our very first thumbs up of the season goes to Montreal leading prospect P.K. Subban, my secretary has previously mailed out his trophy. That is if you contemplate a Mae West cake a trophy.

Younger Subban looked extremely impressive in his initial two outings with the large club this season, logging in an typical of 23 minutes of ice-time, second only to fellow blue liner Josh Gorges.

Him not getting on the score sheet at the second is not genuinely a lot of a concern as Primetime has set up some plays and felt the wrath of Marc-Andre Fleury's purpose publish in Pittsburgh. If Jacques Martin keeps utilizing him on a constant basis in light of Markov and Hamrlik's absences it is practically certain P.K. will be piling up factors on the P.P. in the method.

With his identify constantly becoming circled by opposing coaches before the game never be stunned to see him get heckled a great deal more by people pesky small fourth liners all through the season.

Subban dealt with Mike Comrie's ''accidental'' higher stick yesterday by leveling up his game and continuing his sturdy perform against Sidney Crosby. On a side note, please truly feel totally free to depart as many remarks about Don Cherry's remarks as you'd like.

I for 1 will stay silent all season when it pertains to Mr. Cherry's Coach's Corner section on Hockey Night In Canada. When I want insight, I'll get it from real Stanley Cup winners, like Bob Hartley and Mario Tremblay for instance.


Thumbs up to you, Penalty Kill

Even right after becoming penalized eleven occasions above the course of two contests, the Canadiens have killed off each chance they've given to opposing squads.

Led by the strong play of Hal Gill, Josh Gorges, and Carey Value, the Habs did a wonderful task containing the likes of Phil Kessel, Sidney Crosby and Gino Malkin.

Considering a single goal separates both video games they've played, this department in fact deserves two thumbs up as they've assisted in maintaining the matches tight and winnable.

Items are only getting more difficult as the penalty killers are acquiring Vincent Lecavalier, Steven Stamkos and Simon Gagne on Wednesday. They've acquired a lot more shot blocking to seem forward to.


Thumbs up to you Michael Cammalleri

Following returning from a a single game suspension, Montreal's star sniper wasted no time in terms of strengthening last season's goal tally on Saturday evening.

Lighting up the lamp following receiving a nifty tiny pass from line-mate Tomas Plekanec and deflecting Josh Gorges' shot for the equalizer.

It is with no query that the Canadiens are a a lot more harmful team anytime Michael Cammalleri is playing. His blazing shot and tremendous hockey sense are a headache for every defensive core across the NHL.

As the season continues, Cammy will have to deal with a lot a lot more irritable gamers and a single can only believe that Ryan White's tenure in Hamilton will be brief lived if that commences occurring.

Consider a search at the embedded video as effectively, it really is Easton's new marketing campaign featuring Mr. Cammalleri and his Jedi Knight stick tricks.

I usually knew he had a higher percentage of midichlorians flowing by means of his physique, possibly he is the picked a single that will deliver balance to the force? I'd settle for a Stanley Cup, for now at least.


Thumbs up to you, Carey Value

For any individual which is attempted it, standing on your head is nearly an impossible feat. Your bound to crack your neck or journey more than at some point.

It would seem like Montreal's variety one goaltender Carey Price has mastered that artwork, at least for this week. He will get a large Andre The Giant thumbs up for his efficiency in the opener and particularly for his effectiveness towards the fiery Penguins.

Price tag stopped each rebound possibility and jumped on every feasible loose puck he had in front him en route to his 1st win of the season. Can this perhaps be the 2nd coming of Jesus Value?

If he keeps his target in which it requirements to be, which is on stopping pucks, there is no restrict to what this younger man can complete.

His efforts will not go unnoticed by Habs fans when he can make his residence debut, search for chants of Ca-rey, Ca-rey to resonate across the Bell Centre. Our mantra as Habs supporters must be simple, a confident Carey Value is a harmful Carey Cost.

Let's depart the Boos at residence right up until October 31st okay?


Thumbs down to you, Benoit Pouliot

What's a person's preliminary response when somebody is driving up your backside? You inevitably go more quickly, or just modify lanes.

You would believe that Pouliot is feeling a minor bit of the heat proper now as he has currently been a victim of Jacques Martin's line juggling act and Lars Eller's overall performance on the best line last Thursday.

Becoming signed to a one yr contract implies Huge Ben cannot afford to miss any possibilities. In a best planet, a player with Pouliot's talent and size would profit from getting Brian Gionta and Scott Gomez as line-mates Jarred Tinordi Jersey.

The thumb will continue to be in the down place until he capitalizes on the openings his teammates will supply for him. Possibly a journey to the third line would serve him properly, allow him bang a couple bodies and choose up a few garbage ambitions to boost his self confidence a small.


Thumbs down to you, Energy Perform

Special teams went for six in two very tight games and missed out on scoring targets to would have in the long run produced the difference.

A massive thumbs down in my guide. Becoming dominant in today's NHL implies possessing a power play that helps make you pay for your errors.

Right here are three adjustments Jacques Martin can make:

Having Ryan O'Byrne or Travis Moen use their massive frames in front of the net.Preaching the shot. You cannot score if you do not shoot.Employing Cammalleri at the stage. Teams are currently defending his shot from the left face-off circle.

The expectations are huge for the Canadiens in this division getting completed 2nd in the league final 12 months with a 21.eight percent ratio.

Get properly soon Andrei Markov, you've acquired a whole lot of work waiting for you.


Thumbs down to you, Jaroslav Spacek

Any blue liner that is subject to dekes like the 1 Clark MacArthur laid on Spacek should immediately get a thumbs down.

There's no place for a flatfooted D-guy in the new NHL, the action is quickly and furious and sadly for an aging Spacek, he no longer is.

When faced with adversity it is no secret that going back to the drawing board is a attempted and real tactic. In Spacek's situation, the drawing board getting the treadmill.

Acquiring back to the fundamentals is presently essential for Spacek, generating the straightforward perform should be his modus operandi.

Worst thing is, his cap hit is at the moment at $three.83 million for this season and the up coming a single.





kthefaith2014 They will fight you, but they will fail. For I am with you, and I will take care of you. I, the LORD, have spoken! (Jeremiah 1:19 NLT)


Hey guys, its me again! So recently i started this website where i post like band music videos and other christian videos, its called New Christian videos and you guys should really check out out! Go to 

John Stuart 

  1. I Am Not Jesus I Am Just A Man (EP) (2011)
    Stuart Says: "I Don't Know were the name came from but i like it!"
    The Album will come out by Christmas of 2011 with 5 songs on it some from the old album 321 Live! 
    New EP is coming out by Christmas!

    EP will include:
    Just A Man (Single)
    Jesus I Know
    Standby Band
    High On Jesus
    + 1 more...
    P.S. EPs only have 5 tracks on it,

  2. A Boy In A Place (Remix) EP (2011)

    Remix Song List:
    Jesus Saves
    Trampoline Party
    Fire Arm Fight
    Standby Band
    Shine God's Light
    Hope You Like it!

  3. Classics: Demos (2010)
    Song From:
    Demo CD
    New Day

  4. Classics: Oldies (2010)
    Songs From:
    Looking In The Lines
    Take Some Of God
    Potter's House

  5. Classics: Not Well Done (2010)
    Songs From:

  6. RE-Record (2010)
    It will be most of our old songs Re-Recorded.

    songs from:
    New Day
    Looking in the lines
    and more.... 

  7. 321 (2010)
    Song List:
    1. Intro 
    2. Standby Band 
    3. Trampoline Party 
    4. Free Run 
    5. Talking 
    6. Obey the Lord 
    7. Push, Squeeze, Hurt 
    8. Extreme 
    9. High On Jesus
    10. 321/Jesus Saves 
    11. Intro (Not Live) 

  8. A Boy In No Where (2010)

    A Boy In No Where (2010)
    New Album Came Out July 3d with songs like: Jesus Saves & All Who Cry Out This Is Standby Band's First Full Leath CD!

    Song List:
    1.Jesus Saves 
    2.All Who Cry Out 
    3.Free Run 
    4.Trampoline Party 
    5.Fire Arm Fight 
    6.Power Of God 
    7. Marvelous God 
    8.Lord I Praise You 
    9.Fire Arm Fight (Radio Edit) 
    10.Shine Gods Light 

Archived Music

  1. Demo CD (2010)
    "Demo CD" was the last album that had just 1min. songs in it!

    Shine God's Light
    Power Of God
    You Are Marvelous God

  2. Acoustic (2009)
    although it was called "Acoustic" all of our older albums were acoustic and most of ours today are too!

    New Day
    I Have Some Light In Me
    He's Alive

  3. New Day (2009)
    "New Day" was a big hit and the best album we made at that time.

    New Day
    I Have Some Light In Me
    He's Alive

  4. Come On Worship Album (2009)
    This Album we made but didnt sell it. I just made it for my use.

    Empty Me
    Come On (Worship Mix)
    Here I Am To Worship
    Mighty To Save
    You're Wothy Of My Praise

  5. Take Some Of God (2009)
    "Take Some Of God" I don't know where I came up with the name.

    (This Album had 22 songs on it so we are not going to put them down)

  6. October (2008)
    "October" Came out in October of couse!

    Come On
    My House

  7. Potter's House (2008)
    "Potter's House" Had A Cool Album Art so we are going to use that photo for one of our next albums!

    My House
    John Stuart
    I Have A Friend
    Come On

  8. Looking In The Lines (2008)
    "Looking In The Lines" was a cool album because it was the first album with a guitar in it!

    Come On
    I Need Your Love

  9. Fun (2007)
    Stuarts Says: "Fun" was a fun album!

    I Have A Friend
    567 (Are My Numbers)
    I Have A Girl Friend
    Be The Baker
    John Stuart

  10. Standby (2007)
    "Standby" was the bands first album, now it would be a EP but back then it was a album. 

    John Stuart


Hey guys! If you didn't know, Standby Band broke up way back in 2012, the only reason for this profile and our pure volume profile is to just kinda remember the band. Or i guess you could say the band name, since the band was just me! Ill probably load a few more songs that i recored under Standby Band and maybe post some old photos but thats about it, no new music, the band isn't coming back.

 Way back when MyPraize was the band's first profile, if i remember right. Of course i deleted it and then later decided to make this one. But yeah this was the first place we had a profile. I remember having a blast posting new songs and announcing stuff! Ive had some good times on here and I'm glad its not gone! I know not as many people use this site anymore but hopefully that will change with the new re-design coming up.

I remember going into the chat room and there being lots of people there and they were just having a blast! I know i had a blast on here! I hope i can continue to enjoy MyPraize! 


John Stuart

Standby Band 

I play mostly acoustic guitar, sing, write, record, create midi tracks, etc. I'm seeking a musical Christian brother(s), to play and sing with for fun, fellowship, and ministry. I was raised on psychedelic music, art, cosmic consciousness, peace, and love, which gave rise to the Jesus movement.

jms10 Hey guys, its been a while since i posted here. I wanted to tell  you about my blog that i post on a lot with my friend Matt. It's called The Ramble and basically we just ramble about the latest news that we like. Follow Here:


"Be still and know that I am God."-Psalm 46:10

Sometimes God  commands us to be silent, to stop talking and to listen to what He is saying. As humans, we tend to get wrapped up in the ways of the world and forget to listen to that small still voice that is God. The more important it is, the softer He talks, beckoning us to listen. We pray and complain that our prayers go unanswered, but I beg to differ here. God answers ALL prayer. Not as we see fit, but in the best possible outcome for the situation. Stop, what you are doing right now. Yes, stop reading this post. Look up to Christ Jesus, call out his name ask His forgiveness for being that Doubting Thomas. Ask to wipe the slate clean and to humbly stand in his presence knowing who He is and ask to come before the throne of grace and ask forgiveness. Then, be silent. Wait with patience for your answer. It will come. Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven which means Look first for God and you will find that He is already waiting for you to open your heart to Him.

yupitzme_rene I have not logged into this account since 2009. It's now 2014. I'm 21. I graduated High School. Went to college for awhile. Got married young. Had a beautiful baby girl named Emery. Now I'm a stay at home mom. We love watching Disney princess movies, coloring and just bein funny. I wouldn't change it for the world. I got on here and realized how crazy young I was when I would write and post things. Depressing things mainly. I reread all my old blogs and understood why I felt certain ways toward things. Anyways, im done updated!

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