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Click to download ARISE MY FATHER,ARISE
by Preacher Sticker and Princess .p


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus!  I am new to but hope to interact with other Christians in the days ahead.  If you want to know more about me, please visit my personal site

Hope you are having a wonderful day in Jesus.

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My husband is in the U.S. Army, joined October of 2012 and left for Basic Training in February of 2013. So far it's been a year and 4 months of being a military spouse and so much has already changed. We married in December 2012 and had 2 months [just about] as a married couple before he left for 2 and a half months for basic training at Fort Benning Georgia. We had a total of 2 phone calls no longer than 5 minutes the whole time. We did however have letters sent back and forth and that was a very intimate and amazing experience. My husband graduated May of 2013 and I got to visit him for a brief time during the graduation at Fort Benning, wonderful experience. After that my husband was dropped off at Fort Gordon Georgia for his AIT (advanced individual training) and we said our goodbyes until I was moved out in August. We had 4 months together before he was shipped of to Korea for an unaccompanied tour. This means I am not able to go with and his tour lasted 1 year. This is not a deployment but a PCS (permanent change of station). I was not able to go because he was being sent to a place that was considered dangerous. So we were not prepared for a whole year apart, but who really is? So far he's been gone 7 months...let me tell you it's been tough but I also learned to deal with him gone. I miss him like crazy don't get me wrong, but after a while you get used to a routine and all i think and long for is the day he comes home. We will be going to Fort Meade Maryland next, in between Baltimore and Washington DC. Both 30 minutes from Fort Meade. Now all i can think about is that day we reunite and our new adventure in Baltimore. I am beyond excited! 


My name is Cassandra and I am a upcoming writer of children's book and novels. My passion is for the Biblical story series that I created. I have a 1min video that you can take a look and your feedback is valued. Thanks


Angelkiss Listen to silence and hear the whispers deep within. 

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