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     The next day, training began. It was a Sunday morning and it was after church. Pastor Rich took Crystal aside and asked her to come in. They had to talk. This was not unusual for they met from time to time for counsel since she lost her parents seven years earlier. 

     Once they reached his glass enclosed office, he moved a side table to show a hollow where a safe was hidden. Opening it, he removed a small box, "This was left in my keeping before your mother died." and he handed it to Crystal. Opening it, she was shocked to see the beautiful crucifix Mom wore when she was younger. She remembers how pretty it was around Mom's neck and how it glittered in the light with the stone in the middle. She remembers asking where it came from and Mom telling her it had been in her family a long time.

      "She wanted make sure this would get into your hands in time. Wish she could have passed it on herself." Pastor Rich wiped a tear from his eye. He had been newly appointed the new pastor at Resurrection when Mary McAllister came by and simply asked to keep this for her. 

      This made him think, did she have a premonition of what was to come? He promised her he would and finally fulfilled her promise. 

      Crystal felt like she was holding a part of her mother with this.  A silver cross with a gemstone in the center, she saw something that she had never noticed before. On the back, there was a saying that she couldn't translate. 

     Tears began to fill her eyes and soon Crystal was sobbing like a child. After a few minutes, she wiped her eyes, said her thanks and left. Uncle David saw what she had and just wrapped his arm around her. "I loved that necklace when your mom wore it. She would be proud to finally see her family heirloom returned to her child." 

     Later, Daniel began to teach Crystal the art of spiritual warfare. Starting with a lecture from the Bible. Crystal, being impatient was asking, "When are we going to kick some demon butt? This is SO boring!"

     Then he notices her mom's necklace still in the box on the desk beside her. He picks it up and holds the silver necklace so as it glitters in the light of the lamp on her desk. "After all this time, the emblem of the Order has hardly changed. Even the motto is the same." Placing it back in it's box, he places his hand on hers lets her go to bed. It was already 9:45 and she had school tomorrow. Two tests along with a sketch for an upcoming art project. This was a good start and he could finish tomorrow. 

Romans 8:28 .... all things work together for good to them that love God ...... To tell someone God fixes broken lives is all  Well and good , but what if it's your life that's broken ? It's a very serious issue that needs not only answer's , but practical answers you can sink your teeth into. If you are a believer in Christianity , it can make it easier , but not necessarily better. First and foremost , you must , I repeat "must" believe that God is in total control of all happening's on this planet , and that he has a plan for your life. If one cannot get beyond that , all the rest of their life will be lived out in hit and miss , resulting in confusion , no matter how much teaching or counseling they receive. Realistically speaking , the catalyst of life , revolves around breaking and mending.  No difference how low one has sunk in this life , God has a way of incorporating the broken pieces of a life into his wonderful plan . The negative part of brokenness is that it blinds you for a season. Any answer given during that season cannot be utilized until the grieving is over. As one develops their trust in the fact , that God truly is in control and does have a plan for their life , they will start seeing him at work.  See God in everything and you can make it through anything !   God bless you on your journey !

Romans 8:14.... For those who are led by the Spirit are the children of God.  NIV
Meet Punxutawney Phil , at least one of them. The first groundhog day in Punxutawney Penn. was around 1886. So ole Phil has had some replacement's. Every year the town of Punxutawney Pa. meet's and has a festival with food , drink etc. and bring's ole Phil out to predict the weather. He's been on TV and celebrated in US and Canada for sometime now, so he can't be wrong can he ? As I was driving through PA the other day, I saw his billboard and got a chuckle out of it thinking how we Christian's are like ole Phil. Sometimes in life we get it right and sometimes we don't. The word say's those who are led by the Spirit [ Holy Spirit] are the children of God , but in all the confusion and scurry of life , we can get "out of the Spirit' and find ourselves wandering around in a lost dessert as it were. The key to this life thing , Proverbs 4:23 Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out it are the issues of life. As hard as it sometimes is, we need to guard our heart's so we can truly be led by the Spirit, and hit the mark. God bless you on your journey !

Let it go!  These words has been used in a variety of ways. Even from children we hear, let it go, its mine!  I was pondering on things that stop the flow of God in a persons life and Naman came to mind. We find him in the book of Esther , who was quickly promoted to be the kings right hand man. He had riches in abundance and power over princes , but he had one thing he wouldn't let go of , his hate for a Jewish man named Mordecai . As we read on Mordecai was promoted to leadership while Naman was hanged on a gallows he had made for Mordecai. I wonder at times if that's all that stands between us and the greatest blessing we have ever known. Not letting go of one thing. It seems there's always that one thing in our life standing like goliath challenging us. If that's the issue in your life, May God grant you grace to  L.E.T. G.O. Esther 5:13 Yet all this benefits me nothing as long as I see Mordecai , sitting at the kings gate! God Bless!


   Then the angel was restrained when he got 10 feet away from the melee. Daniel then remembered the rules: He could only intervene if she was in danger of dying. Two more demons held him back. Both had grins showing broken teeth and breath that reminded one of death.

    Try as she might, Crystal couldn't hold them off to save her life. A punch to the gut doubled her over and then they kicked her. All while screaming vile and disgusting names. She knew she was dying then and there. Also, she knew should it come, Mom and Dad would be waiting for her with  baby brother Stephen at their side. 

    The lead demon ordered the others to stand aside. With pointed boots, he began to tear into her skin with the razor sharp tips. The pain was unbearable, but then a strange thing happened. It stopped.

    Crystal found herself in a suspended state. Whether it was a trick of the mind or whatever, she didn't know. There was black all around, like in space. Then out of nowhere she heard a voice. It was soft and gentle, like a parent would to calm a child. "Don't give up, for I am with you."

    Then a stone appeared before her, glowing and pulsating. The size of a ostrich egg, it had a bright orange light coming from it. "Embrace this and vanquish the foes who attack you now and live or succumb and never realize who I made you to be." Crystal was starting to fade away, her body here was becoming more translucent by the second. "Make your choice quickly!" The voice spoke again.

     With one great effort, Crystal reaches out and grabs the stone before her. 

     The jolt that went through her was nothing she ever felt before. Like every cell in her body was being restored. Looking down at her hands,  there was a white blue fire spreading across her body. But it wasn't consuming her.

    Next thing she knows, Crystal's back in her body. She hadn't opened her eyes but heard everything the demon leader was saying. All kinds of foul, nasty, obscene things against her, her family and God. 

     This leader had no idea of what was going on behind him, as the others. She got up and walked 10 feet behind the leader.

      At the peak of his diatribe, he gestured at his cronies and suddenly stopped. His eyes had a look of horror as he looks down to see a sword blade sticking out of his chest. A trickle of demon blood flowed down. 

     Turning around, he sees the girl covered in holy fire. She's holding the blade and knowing he failed in his mission, staggered away. Crystal then dispatches with swift strokes the one demon who was foolish enough to stay. With one last curse, the leader vanishes into the shadows.

    At that moment, the environment became better with only the smell of rotten eggs lingering. The fire vanished from Crystal's body and she collapsed to her knees. Daniel then was allowed to heal and minister. She got home and good thing her aunt and uncle had a meeting at the PTA, so she was safe there.

    She ate some leftovers and then was shocked looking into the mirror. Her wounds were healing very quickly. Crystal felt like a MMA fighter after a prize fight. 

    Crystal tossed and turned that night. Pondering what happened. Was it real or a fragment of her imagination? At 3am, she got up and began to pray for some sign to help her decide. An hour later, Daniel shows up. 

     "I want in" were her words to the angel. Words that changed her life forever.

wonder777 Hi everyone! I know I haven't been on a regular schedule lately with the book. But I have good news, I am now starting jotting ideas for Book 2! Also, please bear with me because my life is a little bit hectic. I also even have an idea for Book 3 inspired by a song. Thank you for your time and patience, God Bless, Wonder777


Hey, all!

Just wanted to let you know about our new single: "I Want To Be Healed"

We all need healing at one time or another; it's one thing to wait for it, but quite another to be in prayer specifically asking for it. This song is available for download to help guide you into the spirit and free your mind from your troubles so your heart may be on God and all that His presence means to you. It is a prayer, in itself, for the soul...for this nation...for the world.

Lord, we need you now!

One-third of all proceeds from this song will go to feed the hungry through UMCOR.

 God bless you all.




    Daniel looks over the demon's shoulder to keep and eye on her. When he tried to get by it, it blocked his way. "Boss's orders. He's got plans for this one. You can't interfere. I think you may know him." Then it lifts a gnarled finger towards a figure in the shadows. Daniel draws a sharp breath when he follows it. It was someone he had fought a long time ago. 

     The demon prince looks his way and saw Daniel. A look of recognition crossed his face and a smirk grew up across his face. "Now we're going to get to see what she's made of so we can break her." Then with a swipe of a jagged blade, knocks Daniel to the ground with a wound in the shoulder. He manages to draw his sword and parries the next blow while trying to keep and eye on Crystal at the same time.

     Crystal was starting to really get sick by the sensations of where she was. Every negative emotion was coming up magnified. She turns to run out but was blocked by the homeless man who she had noticed the last few days. Reaching for her pepper spray, shocked to find it wasn't there. Now the panic was really starting to engulf her. What she was feeling wasn't natural for some reason. The shadows weren't natural. 

    It was like the first day of school where she saw the shadows move on their own. Turning to run away, there was the homeless man she saw earlier. He had blood red eyes and what looked like a smoke coming out of them. Before her eyes he transformed into a slender, muscular creature with pitted skin that looked like it was petrified. From it's shoulders two scaly, skeleton wings spread. Bones with skin pulled over them was the only way to describe it.

    Terror filled every part of Crystal's being. She began to tremble and set up a defensive pose. She had taken karate and remembered some of her lessons, but fear was keeping her from focusing. As the homeless man (or whatever it was now) moved in, more creatures came out of the darkness and joined in.

    Daniel had been wounded in the battle,  but managed to top the enemy and managed to reach the battle. But by then the beatdown had begun.


AVNUT Over the crowd of people I hear a voice cry out "rescue me". She's been standing there for hours tryin' desperately to find a hand. But I just can't seem to take that step. And who cares, maybe it was just the wind movin'. I keep my head down speedin' my way through the angry stares unprepared. Tryin' hard not to make a sound for fear that she might find out just how I feel about her. I'm so tired of losin my direction in this life. I'm so scared that I might be found in the path of you. So I take this chance I've got and waste it runnin' 'round the block avoiding her at every turn. Now with my back against the wall, caught starin' in the eyes of a girl; livin' in the shadows. A moment of silence passes but breaks as she fights to hold her tears in. The memories of my own trauma flood my mind and whisper "take her hand". So I lean in close and hold her tight. The love of my Jesus won't be muted tonight. For once I will not give in. My life is not worth anything if not invested in this love that is the key. I'm so tired of losin' my direction in this life. No longer scared that I might be found in the path of you. So I take this chance I've got and race you runnin' 'round the block fighting fear at every turn. Pushin' through the wars that haunt many hearts and now we're caught starin' in the eyes of a world; livin' in the shadows.


Matthew 5: 3 "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Most people tend to think this verse is for the poor, the pauper, the destitute. You'd be half right. If you look at the verse a little bit closer it says "Blessed are the poor in spirit." Think of a wild animal like a horse that they are trying to tame. They are trying to break their spirit. Make them conform to what they want them to, not the way they want to be. In Jesus time, the poor were treated horribly. Even Jesus himself who had the riches of the kingdom was poor while he was on this earth. He depended on the kindness of strangers most of his adult life. People who are poor in Spirit are humbled before G-d. They have no arrogance, no pretensions, they don't pretend to be better than they are. And that is the good news for the genuinely poor and oppressed in this world. The poor person is not excluded because of his poverty; and the rich person is not accepted because of his wealth. Both must humble themselves before the Lord in order to be part of the kingdom. It is often easier for the down and out of this world to do that, than for the rich to do it. That's not saying the poor are more deserving, but if you truly think about it; we all have to become poor to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

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