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     Crystal's mind was confused by what she just heard. She stops Daniel and explains that she is a Christian and all she wants to be is to be a normal girl (or as close to it as possible). "All I did was help a man I help out at church, he dies in my arms and all this starts happening. I don't want whatever you're offering."

      Daniel looks up and says into the air something about her being a stubborn one. He sighs and tells her if she wants to know more, let God know. Then he vanishes and she is back in her room alone. Then Aunt Marty calls her to dinner. Her Uncle David had just gotten home from his job running a comic book shop not far from her house.

     She had lived with them since her parents and little brother Stephen died in a car wreck almost seven and a half years ago. They were her godparents and though they couldn't have kids of their own, this was close enough. Uncle David was Dad's twin brother and the younger of them. They looked exactly alike, but the personalities were almost opposite. Crystal's dad Michael liked things organized while Uncle David was the wild one. To her it was strange that she lives with the spitting image of her late dad. He and his bride Marty had done their best to fill that role as parents, at times it was just difficult. 

     Crystal had wanted a baby brother or sister and was like a proud parent holding little Stephen for the first time. The picture was in her room. Then almost 8 months later, a drunken driver slammed into them while they were on their way to his checkup. She was sick that day and remembers the police coming to the door. One of them was Dad's best friend. Then Uncle David sat her down and broke the news.

      It took a lot of counseling and love to bring her out of her withdrawal states. She still sees her pastor every week or so for support, but nothing real serious in the last few years. If only Mom and Dad could see her now.

      Crystal gazed over at the family portrait over her bed and wiping tears from her eyes, went down to dinner.



      Being around Daniel gave Crystal feel like she was bathed in liquid love. That soon overcame her fear and only curiosity remained. He reached out and placed his hand over hers. Then he starts to explain.

      "I've been watching you since you were born. Do you ever recall seeing me as a little girl? Especially at your lowest moments." Crystal finally could really notice his face. He did look familiar, but she would have to really think back to place it. Maybe sometime if he's willing, she could get him to pose for a painting. She would have to ask sometime.

     Then it hit her. He was the nurse who picked her up when she was in the hospital at age 3 and slipped out of the bed, pulling out her IVs. Then again when she broke her wrist at 5 falling out the tree in the backyard. And at her family's funeral. She's graveside and felt a hand on her shoulder. But nobody was close enough to do so. It was him that was there. That feeling from those moments was there again. 

     "Yes, I was sent to protect and watch over you through those difficult times. Now I have a new task." Daniel spoke, a look of sadness in his eyes, like a shadow crossed over them. "If you are willing, I have a offer from the Father to bring you into a new level of your relationship with Him. Also there's more to your family than you know." With that he waves his hand into the air.

      A panorama appeared before her. They stood on top of the clock tower in the center of St. Avalon. The scene below was of people out and about, seemingly peaceful. Except that the only thing making this seem so out of place was all the ugly shadows moving without anything attatched. Crystal remembered what happened at lunch earlier. Seeing these things made her feel like throwing up.

    "There is another world most cannot even begin to comprehend. One unseen by physical eyes. But by the Father's grace, at times He allows His servants to take a peek into it. A great war beginning before time began still is being fought to this day." Daniel then points to a spot where one of these shadows is in a fight with a being clothed like him. 

     It was a short one. The shadow was wounded and allowed to leave. "The worlds of matter and spirit come together more often than even the children of God can even imagine. There is a group risen up by Jehovah Himself stand in the gap. Not just prayer and fasting, but actually fight hellfire with the Holy Spirit." 

    Chapter Two Part 2 coming soon


   Other than what happened at lunch, the rest of the day went pretty good. After classes ended, Andi had a doctor's appointment and so it was Crystal and her Aunt Marty.

    The stress of the day took Crystal straight up to her room. She laid down on her bed and went straight to sleep.

     Her dreams were strange. She was seeing things from ages ago. Part of it was seeing a man tied to a stake. Men and women were demanding he be killed for spreading false doctrine. Leading this crowd was a man dressed like a archbishop, but his eyes were creepy, unnatural, otherworldly. 

     This archbishop demanded the man at the stake renounce what he called "doctrine of demons". When the man at the stake refused, he ordered two young men with torches to light it up. The man facing this fate was saying something, but Crystal was more focused at how much she resembled him. The nose, even down to the white patch in his hair was like hers. 

     Then the scene changes to three battles between what seems like light and dark. She sees the faces of the first two, the second being the man at the stake. Both leading the side of light. And they looked a lot like her. But the third one seemed to be in the present, maybe future. She tries to get a look at the face of the third leader, but it all goes black before that. Then a bright light fills the room she could see from behind her eyelids.

     Shielding her eyes with her forearm, Crystal then blindly feels around for that baseball bat she always kept beside her bed, but couldn't find it. The light was coming from the foot of her bed. Where a glob, as best as she could describe it, was the source.

     The light toned down and her eyes stopped hurting. There was a handsome young man in white sitting right at her feet. He looked no more than 16, possibly 18. His dark hair was barely brushing his neck and he had eyes a teen girl like herself could drown herself in. Those turquoise blues melted her right there. 

     Then he spoke. "Sorry about that. Sometimes I let it get the best of me." His accent had a slight British slant. Crystal had a fondness for accents. She was dumbstruck and didn't hear one word he said. He leaned over and snapped his fingers to get her attention, it worked.

     She wanted to scream. No boys up in her room without adults present was the policy there. But she couldn't, she was strangely at ease with this person. He started again. "I am your guardian angel sent by God to train you." Crystal was confused. Training for what? Who was this madman and where did he come from?

    Finally she could reach the bat and was ready to use it. Lifting his hand, the angel wanted no violence. Feeling something strange, she looks over and sees a water noodle in her hand. Bright pink. Dropping it, it turns back.

    "I come in peace. No harm." Then he rises and pulls up the computer chair for her to sit in. Reluctantly, she sits down, still nervous keeping an eye on the door.Then the introduction begins. "I am a lower ranking commander in the 36th Calvary under the command of the Archangel Michael. My name cannot even be pronounced by mortal tongues, but you may call me Daniel." 

    "I know you have questions, and most can be answered in time, but allow me to explain why I am allowed to show myself to you at this time."

Chapter Two starts next time!



    Monday morning rolls around and Crystal wakes up at 6:00 in the morning for her first day of high school. She had the outfit laid out and finds her Aunt Marty fixing up a special breakfast for such an occasion. Eggs, sausage, and hash browns were reserved for weekends, but on occasion she whips up something during the week.

    Andi's mom took the duo the half mile to Grant High. They took one look at the new building and were awestruck. It was much larger than the previous structure and everything was pretty much under one roof. Previous students complained about having to run to one building to another so as not to be late for class. 

   Midnight blue and white were the school colors and it showed. In the lobby, four booths, one for each grade, officials were busy handing out homeroom assignments. And of course, the freshmen had the hardest time. Good thing they put up a massive map of the campus on the wall.

    Their homeroom was in the Art/Shop wing across from the cafeteria. Room 117 was big with all the tables and easels in the back. This was also Crystal's art class, usually it was for the advanced students, but with her submission, the instructor made an exception. A year two course as a freshman. Soon after they arrived, the rest started to come in. About 20 kids in this homeroom from all four grades.

     Just before the bell rang, Mr. Kyle, the teacher, came rushing in. Rounded glasses and loaded down with papers, he staggered in. He looked about 6 foot 5, long arms and legs. He introduced himself to the class. "My name is Mr. Kyle. I am from England and came here about 10 years ago." He writes his name on the board. He then does roll call and walks over to each student and hands them their schedule. When he gets to Crystal's name, he gives her a slight smile and tells her he expects things from her considering he rarely bends the rules about allowing freshmen into Art Year 2. 

     Andi and Crystal shared English, History, and Spanish, along with lunch. There was a rule that if you had fourth period upstairs, you had the first lunch period, downstairs, second lunch period. And they had it upstairs.

      The morning went on pretty good, getting material lists and textbooks. Until they met up at lunch around 11:50. They got in line and was sitting at a table in less than 10 minutes. Crystal was just starting chowing down on a salad when the clock in the cafeteria rang twelve noon. 

      Crystal was happily chatting with Andi when something started happening. Just over Andi's shoulder she saw something like a shadow, but it was moving on it's own, nothing connected to it. A thin, scrawny thing, running around the place. Spiderlike, it moved quickly and then more appeared. All over the cafeteria, some were attatched to people. 

      Passing it off as stress induced, she waves to some classmates over to the table and trying to keep her attention to what was going on around her. Then the shadow comes between her and Andi on the table. It had those eyes that bring chills to your soul. The stench was unbearable, and Andi was talking like nothing was going on. 

     With a slight lunge, the creature stopped short and then ran off through the wall. "What's wrong? You looked like you've seen a ghost." Andi asked out of concern and bringing Crystal out of the shock. "Are the spells coming back?"

     After her parents and brother died, Crystal began to have periods of withdrawal. Her aunt and uncle feared for her mental health then. But after some therapy with a wonderful counselor, they went away. From time to time, she had them but at a lesser degree. 

Chapter One, Part 3 coming soon! Spread the word and offer me feedback! Thank you and God bless, Wonder777


                                  30 Minutes Earlier

    Anderson Bay Seaside Park was full of families squeezing the last weekend of summer before school started the next Monday. Just below the Boardwalk the beach was full and half a mile off shore was Angel's Lighthouse, newly restored, shining proudly in the sun. Old Bessie, as the locals of St. Avalon, North Carolina called her, was the second largest Ferris Wheel on the East Coast. She hadn't stopped for the last few days.

   Crystal McAllister and her best friend Andi Connelly were taking it all in. Even their pastor came out with his family, it was that beautiful. Munching on the park's "World Famous" dill pickles and sipping lemonade, they had to leave something for dinner. This place brought back memories of a happier time for Crystal. As far back as she remembers, nothing but happiness here. It was made more precious seven years earlier when her parents and newborn brother Stephen was killed in an accident. 

    One last run on Old Bessie then it was time for them to leave the park. It was around 5:45pm when they left for the meeting place where they could call Crystal's uncle and get picked up there. About 3 blocks from the gates was a store owned by a family friend and it was a safe place. 

     The two were just about a block from the store when they heard faint cries from just inside the alley. A older gentleman stumbles out and it was clear he was having a heart attack. Andi pulls out her cell phone but couldn't get a signal for some reason. So she goes on ahead to get help. 

    Crystal recognized the older gentleman. It was a man who attends her church. She only knew him as Mr. Jackson and he would come around when she was younger. Her aunt and uncle would pick him up for church on occasion but he kept to himself. When he saw her, his eyes brightened up. 

     Despite his chest feeling like an elephant was sitting on it, he managed to place his hand on her head and begin to utter in a strange tongue. It was like he was expecting her to come. As he spoke, Crystal swore she felt something come upon her. She tried to calm him down but he kept pointing at the little girl with the red eyes. Crystal took one look and chills went down her spine. He  finished with the statement, "I am ready to come on home." Then he drifted into unconsciousness.

       Andi came back to see her friend doing compressions on this older gentleman. He had a slight smile on his face. By the time the paramedics arrived, the changes of him living were slim to none. At the hospital he washDOA. In his pocket was his identification containing contacts just for this occasion.

     Crystal's Uncle David came to St. Mark's Hospital because his name was on the contact list along with their pastor. By the time they got back to Crystal's house, it was almost 8:00.  Andi was staying the night because her mom was on a business trip until Saturday evening. Dinner was usually a happy occasion,but due to the circumstances, not this night.

    Even after Andi fell asleep, Crystal sat at the window in her attic room and pondered over what happened. Was what she felt real or a reaction to Mr. Jackson dying? She fell asleep around 2am.

    Sunday, Pastor Rich announced Mr. Jackson's passing and that the funeral would be Wednesday. Resurrection Church was a small congregation about a half mile from where Crystal lived. Rich Peterson had been leading it for the last 8 years. Nothing real fancy, Communion served every Sunday, most services had around 200 or so.

To be continued....Please send me your opinion.  God bless,Wonder777



   The old man was swift whenever the Spirit hit him. Following the little girl/demon from the park, they ended about 5 blocks in an alleyway leading to a dead end. There the little girl showed her true form. The little red and white dress morphed into a black spider-like body and scrawny wings spread from its shoulders. The sulfur came off worse than before. 

     The eyes were catlike and bulging, showing contempt for all it's master opposed. Out of nowhere a black sword appears in it's hand. Barbed and curved, you could almost mistaken it for a decorative piece. A malicious smile spread upon it's face. "You are done for old man. Now I shall have the honor of taking out at least one of you!" Then it raises the sword and brings it down upon the old man's head in one swift motion.

     But there was still some gas left in the man's tank. He brought up his cane to parry the blow just as quickly. It spared him, but left him stunned due to his age. Senses were still keen, but the body is broken down with time. Then the cane transforms into a blade of his own, and he counters with a series of thrusts.

    This little demon was shocked by how this man could be that old and still have some skill in him. Bringing down a Guardian of the Order would put him on the fast track for a promotion. How hard could it be to take down someone of his age?

    In that moment, he lost focus. The old man saw that opening and took advantage. But just as he was about to strike the blow that would put the demon out of commission in this world temporarily, numbness struck his left arm.

    The demon was dumbstruck at what was happening, but quickly realized this is what he wanted: an easy way to the promotion. He approached the old man but was stopped by a bright light. An angel of God was sent to keep this demon from tormenting this man anymore. 

    Covering his eyes from the bright glow, the demon had no choice but to stand back. Then the angel spoke, "This man has yet to finish out what was laid for him by the Father. Come no further." Then the angel helps the gentleman keep steady. The old man knew this was the moment he knew so long ago. To finally be able to confirm who would be his successor.

    The pain didn't matter to the old man. It was the end of his life, a long one dedicated to God. His wife passed a decade earlier and there were children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren whom he could leave the world to. It wouldn't be long before they meet again anyway. 

     All he could do for now was to wait for his replacement. With an angel at his side, it was the only option.


    I have a question to ask of you: What if Buffy the Vampire Slayer fought hellfire with the Holy Spirit? The answer would be something like this. In high school I read a book called "This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti. That book changed my life.

    It changed my perception of how battles between the angels loyal to Jehovah and the demons led by Satan are impacted by what we believers do on our end. Choosing God or Satan. Well the idea developed into what I have entitled "The Order of Christos".

   Imagine the idea of a worldwide group of Christians chosen by God to fight the demonic powers with powers through the Holy Spirit. What the world would call psychokinesis or sixth sense in this world comes from one of two sources: The Holy Spirit or the forces of darkness led by Satan. And yes, as there is light, there is darkness. There is a group who fights the Order (There is a history and I'm still working on that) and all they represent. To do everything possible to impede the cause of Christ in these perilous times. 

    There are many tales of those who accept this task throughout history, but this series (I hope) focuses on one of the youngest to ever to embrace this role. Many prophecies surround one who will lead the Order against the darkness one last time before Christ's return for His own. A great division has come to the Order and like the two previous times, one has risen to unite against the darkness. A Chosen One so to speak.

     This is the first time I ever let anyone read this. I hope you like this and maybe if there's someone who can mentor me, contact me here. Maybe even a publisher. God Bless, Wonder.


    It was a beautiful but humid mid-August afternoon. The elderly gentleman was sitting on a bench in Pender's Square watching the kids play and feeding scrap bread to the birds and squirrels. He was enjoying himself when suddenly a wave of nausea came over him. It wasn't the regular kind, but something he knew all too well. 

    Other than some heart trouble, he was pretty healthy for the age of 85. His eyes scanned for something and sure enough, there was a little girl around age 6 skipping towards him. She had pretty blue eyes, blonde pigtails with red ribbons matching her plaid dress. But something about her eyes that put him on high alert.

    When she came face to face with him, they turned from blue to a black/red color. The stench of sulfur came off of her that would knock out an average person. She began to utter blasphemies to him and to God, taunting him. She then skipped off, daring him to follow.

    The old man spoke a prayer and got the order in his spirit to go. He arose and with a quick pace, followed it with the help of his cane. In his many years doing this, it never got old for him. At his age, it made him feel younger, but now his body was giving out and he never took on anyone to take his place. 

Prologue Part 2 coming soon!


      As I have stated in my first entry, I have a form of autism called Asperger's. It is a high functioning form of autism. It primarily affects social skills. It was October of 1999 when the doctor I was seeing at the time pinpointed my condition. 

      This was the answer I had been praying for. Somewhere deep down, I knew something wasn't quite right about the autism diagnosis. Like they were in the ball park. And the abuse I endured as a kid made it that much harder, diagnosed with manic depression and put on lithium in the 10th grade. But that day in 1999, he took me off of it right then and there.

      Some of the traits of Asperger's include having an interest an aspie (a name we call ourselves) we border on obsession learning about. And in my case, that is studying Christian Music. Artists, albums, some history. And there are some famous people with this condition. 

     Albert Einstein, James Durbin (American Idol), evangelist Perry Stone, all have this condition. Among many others. So I am in some famous company. That is a comforting thought knowing some of the great talent out there who are like me. And how even God uses aspies for His glory.

     Another thing is that it's much more difficult to interact with other people. And it's very hard for us to make friends and to start and maintain a conversation. We also have some kind of repetitive behaviors like finger twisting or hand wringing.

    And when it comes to rituals, we tend to stick to them like our lives depend on it! That was never a real problem for me there.

    We also have a harder time deciphering body language, keeping eye contact for any real extended period of time, or understanding things like sarcasm. We have trouble taking language in context. 

    Many of us are exceptionally gifted or talented or skilled in an particular area like music or math. In my case, creativity and I do have an IQ of 180 out of high school back in 1994.

    In conclusion, we are as much God's children as the "normal" folks. Our minds are wired slightly differently, but He loves us just as much. We have a place in this world, born for a purpose. 

AskingAlexandriaLove Anyone wanna snap chat?  username:   kendraadawn


    Today (June 26,2013) the US Supreme Court decided to declare the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. It broke my heart hearing this. These 9 non-elected judges just gave God the finger and said, "We know better than You. We are doing this because we feel Your definition is nothing but discrimination." They have brought God's judgement upon ALL who live in this nation.

   DOMA has been around since the Garden of Eden when God created Adam and Eve. One man and one woman. Though we have free will, God's laws still stand. He says homosexuality is a sin, it doesn't matter what we think, His laws still stand. If he says it's a sin back in the Bible days, what makes us think He's changed His mind now? 

   Of course, the Court says this was done in the name of "equality". They have no idea of what they have done. God is above ALL courts and governments of this world. And nothing they can say or do will change that. They could stand  before Him and talk until they're blue in the face and God will tell them they had fallen for a lie.

    This decision will put us on a slope to where the door is open that people will sue for the right to marry their animals or close family members. That's next. I can't hate these lost people. But I will stand by what God says about this matter, but I can love them and treat them like everyone else. St. Francis once said, "preach always, if necessary, use words." We need to show the love of Jesus to the best of our ability to the homosexual community at the same time not condone their sin. 





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