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i know i posted were going a lllllllong time ago but we plan stuff real early and were going tomorow at the moment im at my grandmothers house i have been here for a week im sad were leaving but i am happy at the same time because were going with my best friend ever shes so much luv you ok so my brother turned 2 a few weeks ago and not long after i had a dance recital  but whats sad is i havent seen him since we came i miss him sooooo much he was to ittle but ill seehim my mom and dad yaaaaaaaaaay well thats all i have to say bye read my future comments     



                                                           ps srry for miss spelled words i dont check over them and pllease oh please comment  and tell me where i should go we already have hollacost museum(i cant spell hollacost)im leaving tomorow so i have my dads sherif laptop so ill read ok this time for real bye             



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