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He just wanted to run from it all yet he felt something deep inside him that wanted him to stay, to endure the pain. He ignored it all and just closed his eyes. He closed his eyes and stepped off the sill. His feet touched the cold floor, so he just hopped into his bed and closed his eyes thinking that he might die in his sleep. He was just a nothing in this life. He wished he could just die in front of everyone so they would feel bad for him for once. As he nodded off to sleep so would his spirit. As the night went by the prom went on and somehow even in his sleep Tyler felt the knife again cold against his heart just cutting his insides till he bled to death. He awoke with a sigh as cold sweat dripped off his forehead. He yawned and looked around. His room looked the same, so this day would be the same too. Everyone would be bragging about the prom and he wouldn't care and have no one to talk to.

He would just sit there at lunch and wonder what life must be like on the other end. He would live through another day of nothing. As he shook off the pain he opened up his dresser and pulled out a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans and slipped them on. He opened up his bedroom door and stepped into the hallway. The darkness of the morning still seemed to seep inside the white hallway. Although the carpeting felt good against his feet. He stepped down the stairs. As he reached the bottom the smell of pancakes filled his nostrils. Something to look forward to. He stepped into the wood floor kitchen and saw his dad cooking on the stove the golden brown pancakes. The maple syrup right there on the table. He reached for it and then put it down in front of him. He lifted his hand as he reached to the middle of the table for a fork and a plate. Tyler had no mother for she died four years ago when a sudden heart attack killed her instantly. She was in her car on her way to our house on Christmas day when that happened. That was the most depressing day of his life he had to say. Waiting for his mother to come home that day from buying his present waiting for her to come and see all his presents. He was 12 at the time. Tyler got a pancake on his fork as his dad put it on his fork from across the table. Tyler smiled as the smell crossed his nose. "Thanks dad." He said. His dad turned around and smiled but then it quickly turned into a facial expression that worried Tyler. The stressed face. Thats what the doctors thought killed his mom was stress. "Whats wrong?" Tyler asked with pancake still in his mouth. "I've Got a meeting today and I'm just a little nervous is all." He answered. He had his suit on after all. He walked to the living room and grabbed his suitcase.

"Okay, Tyler I got to go, ill see you after school." He said as he opened the door and left. He shut the door leaving Tyler all alone. As he felt everyday it was no different. He finished his pancakes and started off to the living room rack for his backpack. He put it on and continued to the door. He turned around and put his shoes on. He wore just regular black and white sneakers. He opened the door and slammed it behind him. He looked around the block for anyone he knew. Clear. He wondered if he would have a good day today, he doubted it himself but a growing sensation for a friend opened inside him. He continued down the sidewalks until he reached his schools doors. He walked right in and wished he hadn't. Rightaway frankie took a throw right into his stomach. Another of his freinds came over and kicked him in the leg knocking him over. He fell to the ground in a strict pain, he felt a sudden urge to get back up in anger but decided not to because more pain would follow.

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