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Hey, all!

Just wanted to let you know about our new single: "I Want To Be Healed"

We all need healing at one time or another; it's one thing to wait for it, but quite another to be in prayer specifically asking for it. This song is available for download to help guide you into the spirit and free your mind from your troubles so your heart may be on God and all that His presence means to you. It is a prayer, in itself, for the soul...for this nation...for the world.

Lord, we need you now!

One-third of all proceeds from this song will go to feed the hungry through UMCOR.

 God bless you all.




ChristaneseA communicable language within the Christian subculture with words and phrases created, redefined, and / or patened that applies only to the Christian sphere of influence.

Have you ever prayed for a “hedge of protection?” Have you prayed to “Jehovah Jara” lately? Do you regularly have to take measures in “guarding your heart?” If this is you, then you are speaking Christianese and you may be driving all common folk bat wild crazy by using terms that mean nothing to anyone outside the church.

Sure using these terms may have significance to use inside the church but that is where Christians should keep it. Let’s review some of the phrases that need to be filtered in the real world so we can assimilate into dominant culture without getting a wedgie or swirly.


Read the rest of the article and watch the videos here.....

Also, join the community here




I wrote this THIS MORNING... at 7AM EST, Dec. 25, 2008

Fly to the Angels,

Like an Eagle soaring through the Sky,

Feathers ruffled; All Seeing eyes of the Birds.

Fly high and true,

Towards your spot by His Side.

Do not be dragged down by hate,

Instead, fly with love in your heart.

My fellow comrades in Arms,

Fly high and true.

The Arms of the Lord,

Are the true weapons in the fight against Sin.


This was a Poem that I wrote just today 11/06/08.


This is my life,

It can be fun,

But it can also be lost.

Pain and discomfort,

Is lifted in your name,

By your side I ride,

By your hand I am guided,

By your love I am swept up,

Though you I live as much as I can.

Even though I fail, I get back up,

I keep fighting, I keep going,

I fight for you,

And I will keep you with me and spread you out.

This is my life in Christ, my Lord and Savior.


hey i just wanted to post this asking for your prayer my cousin just died in a 4wheeler accident and my family and me are taking it hard and me personally i cant get the thought of him dead out of me head and my family just keep grieving over it so i ask of you please pray for us

thank you for your prayer

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