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How to overcome unforgiveness and other sins

(I am assuming that the one reading this has accepted Jesus Christ as there Lord and Savior, If one has not that is the first place to start)

I find some people have been hurt by others and they do not want to forgive. The person has been hurt so bad they do not want to forgive the one who hurt them. They feel that some type of revenge or to see justice to that person. The thing they fail to see is the damage it causes them by hanging on to the unforgivness.

We need to remember something.:

Romans 3:11 There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.


John 6:44 No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.

The fact that anyone got saved was because God came into our lives and drew us. God drew us to Him and we answered the call. In order to get saved we needed God working in our lives before we could come to Him. The thing is we need Him in our lives to also help us get rid of sins.

We also need to forgive others because Jesus forgave us.

We also need to remember that forgiveness is a choice, not a feeling. We all know the big difference between ‘I will not' and ‘I can't'. I do understand that some people are very honest when they say ‘I want to forgive and I just can't.' It is very possible that this may be true as far as having the ability to forgive. But it is possible....

Now after explaining all of this I will show you how to get free and to be able to forgive.

1 Tell God the truth on exactly how you feel. If you deep down do not want to forgive the person then tell Him that to. Be totally honest to Him and tell Him why you feel the way you do.

2 Remember forgiveness is a choice and not so much to do with the feelings. You tell God you choose to forgive that person even thought you might not feel like it

3 Now tell God once you forgave them that you need God to come you heart and heal the feelings and help you to have a real forgiving heart. Remember we could not come to God unless He helped us first. It is the same with forgiveness; once we allow Him to come in us He can begin to change our feelings.

Here would be how you pray.

Say " Father I give you all the Glory and thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I now have unforgiveness in my heart to ____________ and I do not want to forgive them for hurting me. I now choose to forgive them because Jesus forgave me. Now I need your help to come in my heart and change my feelings so that I can learn to love and forgive the one who offended me. I cannot do it on my own and I need your help. Now I thank you that you have heard me and now will begin to come in my heart and change me. I give you all the praise in Jesus name amen."

Now once you have allowed God to help you with your feelings it may take some time but when we choose to allow Him in again then he can get to work in helping us.

This mindset and prayer is a good way to pray to help to get rib of all things we may be struggling with.

Feel free to leave a comment; this way I know that I explained this well enough.

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written by wonder777 , January 14, 2013

we met on i read your blog and i prayed the prayer you had on there. forgiveness is a process and i know it takes time for it to fully come to fruition. i give it all, pain and anger to God and allow Him to take it away. at least i know i was heard and that's the first step. other than letting God handle it from this point on, this is as far as i can go on my own because the person who hurt me died in 1999. thanks for putting this up and for refering me to it!
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