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Brother Reed
You\'re quite welcome.
Brother Reed
Thanks for reminding me I need a new video. Mine is ancient history in terms of the internet.
Your video made me giggle.
Gloria Marlow
Lemme just say that I luv the profile pic.
Megan Taylor
cool pic
Lorna Heer
Haha. Your video gave me a good laugh. =)
jan ????????
u mean i have to b relevant??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? NO FAIR!!! LOL God bless good! :) :) :0 :P :8 0.0
Dana Brewer
hey I was wondering what your piture is.
Hilary Miller
ah... i see kool is it a lamp..?
Hilary Miller
nice picture..... wut is it..?
Nathan Lunsford
For those asking what his photo is (I\'m guessing he never checks his wall anymore or just doesn\'t feel like replying), you should be ashamed of yourselves. It\'s Yoshi.
Amber Swift
Cassidy Justice
whats ^??? I am from wv to! r u really from there tho?
Amber B
Merry Christmas, BrotherReed! :D

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