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108 281 Hello there! 
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5 3 Hi, If myPraize doesn't sell any information and doesn't have ads, how do you make money to stay in...
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1 1 I can't find out how to do this. Can someone pleas provide instructions? Thanks
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6 2 My username was entered incorrectly!Can you change it?I wish it to be "Zi_Will"if thats ok?
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Understanding Christianity
2 0 Circumcision of the HeartCircumcise your heart and walk with God.Be set apart, an heir of the Most H...
Biblical Questions
3 1 Blessed Am IBlessed am I for the Lord’s patience has no horizon.His mercy extends for eternity.Ble...
Becoming a Christian
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Walking with Christ
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228 447 So Trump is making quite a name for him self.  As a Christian, I do not feel compelled to vote for ...
494 1213 I looked up 'Christian social media', this site came up and I quickly created an account. However, ...
General Discussion
2 0 What do you plan to major in in college( or are majoring in, or already majored in) and how has your...
Science & Evolution
1 0 Most evolutionists ignore the fact that the mathematical odds against the earth being just the right...
1 0 Even though our pluralistic world would like to ignore this statement, Jesus said very clearly, "...
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Get advice from others who have been where you are
215 511 I grew up with my faith as the center of my life. My parents were very strict about me knowing about...
Prayer Needs
Let the community pray with you
503 766 Hello, MyPraize community.I'm concerned for the elderly Stepfather of a close friend. Not only has h...
Praise Reports
Deepen your understanding by asking questions about the fundamental Truths of Christianity
47 116 I think one thing that we all struggle with daily but if no one else i do. I struggle with feeling w...
Studies In Scripture
Study the Bible with the community
44 55 Messiah.Any New Testament followers that follow strictly the teachings of Messiah and His apostles?Â...
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1 1 Hey I’m a teenager and I’m just looking for some quality Christian friends who I can talk to and rel...
Young Adults
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1 0 Please Share if you or someone you know is:Interested in going to #Seminary or #Theological #Gra...
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Golden Years
Ever feel too old for MyPraize? Well here is a board for older adults who love MyPraize and want to fellowship!
3 2 I am 62 soon to be 63 from California. In 2013 I went online to be an ordained minister to perform a...
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654 1888 https://jjllatourelle.bandcamp.com/track/make-dueHere's a cute little song. I hope you like it. If t...
173 698 Once Upon A Time season 3 and Adventure time season 6. :) Love it.
339 1009 The animated movie about the birth of Jesus is out now.  The movie voices include a host of Hollywo...
269 603 There is some great Bible manga available with such titles as Manga Messiah. Here is the website lin...
1 0 The following is a homemade Christian teen book trailer from the nonfiction book entitled Character ...
Christian Entertainment
1 1 I have been using the Roku now for about five years.  We have tried Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon.  No...
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