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Family member just got a fitbit, thought it might be a cheaper alternative to a Smart Watch... Op...

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For gamers who play the ps4 to interact with and talk about the games :)

71 210 Yeah shaun(Blackbird) is right but he's very blunt about everything lol I will say this. Everyone...
14 51 [b]Confederate wrote:[/b] [quote][b]serfofChrist92 wrote:[/b] [quote]I see the same thing in both ...
Open Source Junkies
10 37 Any idea on what OS to install your server on? I'm assuming a LAMP server, but which distro? I would...
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227 444 Please post your opinion about having Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) in high schools. Personally I am ...
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Open Discussion
Discuss anything
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Ladies Only
No males allowed

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please help my little sister, she has epilepsy, heres the link to contribute, god bless you. http...

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Here's the case it seems my wife doesn't care simple things I asked. Ephesians 5:22 says wife, su...

I'm No Spring Chicken!
Ever feel too old for MyPraize? Well here is a board for older adults who love MyPraize and want to fellowship!
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Discuss your hobbies and show off your work
31 70 Hello beautiful people! Check out this t shirts I designed! If you too are a worship addict, please ...
Hi My Name Is Bob
New members, introduce yourselves! Old members, meet new ones!
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Goodness, it's been an age since I've been on. Like, 5 years or something. How has everyone been,...

Get help with your homework from other MyPraizers
93 233 :P Thxx Lol
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174 698 Once Upon A Time season 3 and Adventure time season 6. :) Love it.
337 1009 Heaven is for Real is a good movie. The book is better!
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Get advice from others who have been where you are
221 511 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi8wZUS0xnI
Prayer Needs
Let the community pray with you
504 792 If there is anything that you are dealing with whether it is sickness, finances, marital situations,...
Let the Words of Thy Mouth and the Meditations of Thy Heart Be Acceptable in His Sight!
Deepen your understanding by asking questions about the fundamental Truths of Christianity
47 116 I think one thing that we all struggle with daily but if no one else i do. I struggle with feeling w...
Studies In Scripture
Study the Bible with the community
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Any New Testament ...

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Profile Suggestions
Come give loving suggests for new features and profile changes.
70 191 L FTW!~
Site Suggestions
Give general site suggestions.
106 208 You're absolutely correct! When the new site comes out this is actually the behavior.. Much like fa...
Band Suggestions
Give general suggestions about band page features or music sections.
21 39 hey everyone,check out myspace.www.myspace.com/spymusic0323 or my site here for info about my new cd...
MyPraize 2.0 Suggestions
Give us your suggestions for the newest version of MyPraize coming out later this year, 2011
11 44 will the website be available in app stores for mobile device's?
Site Bugs
Let us know if something isn't working right
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I am currently trying to clean out all my social media from when I was younger. I have not access...

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Trash Bin
Move threads that are to be deleted here as a holding place prior to deletion
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