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76 234 Hai ya'll my first input hear,...Any BIKERS Hear? The LORD said "Go Ye into All the World and Pr...
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1 0 Hi, I'm not sure what this means but on my dashboard in the mobile app, it says profile completion-0...
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3 1 I am currently trying to clean out all my social media from when I was younger. I have not accessed ...
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Becoming a Christian
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228 445 So Trump is making quite a name for him self.  As a Christian, I do not feel compelled to vote for ...
442 1194 CHRIST for BIKERS WW MM (World Wide Motorcycle Ministries) is a Motorcycle based JESUS centered Netw...
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2 0 What do you plan to major in in college( or are majoring in, or already majored in) and how has your...
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221 511 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi8wZUS0xnI
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507 793 Prayer is a powerful weapon! Fasting is also! When we pray the word of GOD over our life and believe...
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47 119 I think one thing that we all struggle with daily but if no one else i do. I struggle with feeling w...
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44 56 Messiah.Any New Testament followers that follow strictly the teachings of Messiah and His apostles?Â...
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Ever feel too old for MyPraize? Well here is a board for older adults who love MyPraize and want to fellowship!
1 1 Hello !  I'm Mary Pauline.  I am in my late 40s.  MyPraize made its way known to me as I was rese...
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654 1893 If this is not the appropriate venue for sharing one's own music, please redirect me. I have a dozen...
174 698 Once Upon A Time season 3 and Adventure time season 6. :) Love it.
338 1009 I am Christian but I really dont get the whole Christian movie thing, I get th "Christian morals...
269 606 Hi Everybody! Ever wonder what really happened to Nineveh? What do we know about the fate of the Ark...
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