[b]lonikelam wrote:[/b] [quote][b]MaddMatt wrote:[/b] The King James Bible was translated from Hebrew (OT), Aramaic (OT portions), and Greek (NT). A translation of a translation would be an English translation of the Vulgate or Septuagint or another earlier translation. These are the only two I can think of right now. Most modern translations have been translated from texts like these, although it does not mean that these were the only ones used. I also have read that people have found errors in the KJV. What are they then? If anyone knows any, then present them. I want to know. I started this thing to find out this kind of stuff, so any help would be appreciated.[/quote] Not to disagree, but a translation of a translation has nothing to do with the english language. The King James Version is about as close as you can get to the original texts. It is the most highly respected, and truest translations that exist. Now, having said that, the King James Version is a translation of a translation. No scholar would disgagree with that statement. No historian would contend that fact. The King James version was the first version translated into English. It was translated from the "Textus Receptus" which were the Greek and Hebrew versions of Scripture at the time. The Textus Receptus were translations of original texts. The original scrolls were not written in modern day Hebrew, and Greek... contrary to popular belief... We refer to the Hebrew and Greek texts as "Byzantine Majority Texts." That is because they were widely accepted as literal translations of the original text. The were widely accepted, and other writings at the time agreed with the Greek and Hebrew translations... The NASB went further back into history, and used as much original text as possible, and used completely different text than that of the KJV... before the scrolls were "TRANSLATED" into Greek and Hebrew. The NASB used such texts as Egyptian scrolls. They also used Greek and Hebrew text, but not the Byzantine Majority Texts... The NASB is considered a "literal translation." As far as errors in the KJV... I know of none, and would never say that there are any. -Matt

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