Words-Seed-Things Devar - Hebrew meaning WORD or THING. One word with two meanings. It's like they couldn't find the difference between the two. The reason is the fact that words are things or word-things. Things carry weight or substance. Words are the most misunderstood and taken for granted subjects I've ever experienced in my life. Words don't just dissapear into thin air once they are spoken. Words are seeds and seeds are things. The Bible is the word of God. The Bible is like a bag of seeds. We have four word recievers, our eyes and ears. When words are seen or heard, those wordthings or seeds enter us and plant themselves in our heart. We water our seeds by hearing or seeing them again, speaking or writing them down. The more we do this the more they grow and take root. When a well rooted word-seed-thing is spoken it becomes a spiritual force that can move the world. This law applies to all words weather the words be negative or positive. So be careful on which words you allow in. This is why that when somebody tells the truth it is more powerful than when they lie. Be aware that the enemy is trying to make you believe that lies are truth. The only way to get rid of unwanted words is by speaking words that oppose them, but if those unwanted words are rooted please believe that they ain't leaving without a fight. Battlefield of the mind. Unseen war. Genesis 1:3 And God said, "Let there be light" and there was light. Can you see that light didn't happen until God spoke it. God's created us in his own image. He also gave us dominion over this world and dominion is in our tongue. When we take root the word of God we have the power of God. But when we speak rooted words opposing the word of God, we set forth a spiritual force of lies. Satan is the father of lies. He is after our minds and wants to control our words. For example lets take Hitler, his rooted words of hatred changed the world. On the other hand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke rooted words of love that moved our way of life. Here's how important word-seed-things are and how the words we take in determine our life. Our Words determine our Thinking Our Thinking determines our Emotions Our Emotions determine our Decisions Our Decisions determine our Actions Our Actions determine our Habits Our Habits determine our Character Our Character determines our Destiny So that means..... Negative Words cause negative Thinking Negative Thinking causes negative Emotions Negative Emotions cause negative Decisions Negative Decisions cause negative Actions Negative Actions cause negative Habits Negative Habits cause negative Character Negative Character causes a negative Destiny If you don't like your destiny step back and change your character. Don't like your character change your habits so forth and so on. Check this one out.... The Word of God creates word of God Thinking Word of God Thinking creates word of God Emotions Word of God Emotions create word of God Decisions Word of God Decisions create word of God Actions Word of God Actions create word of God Habits Word of God Habits create word of God Character Word of God Character creates a Destiny designed by the Word of God Every single word around us is a seed which all produce a harvest. Let me ask you this. How are your farming skills?

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