While I do type His name, God, I have a great deal of respect for those who rever His name so much that they chose not to. Please see my post: "Why take the "O" out of God?" http://www.mypraize.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=214&func=view&id=298287&catid=8 What does bother me a great deal, is when I hear Christians say something like, "Oh my God!" or "God! I hate when that happens." or "My God! When are you going to learn..." It bothers me when Christians use His name, to exclaim something, and they are not refering to Him out of reverence or respect. If it is a legitimate cry to God for help, or crying out to Him for any reason, then that is a different story... However, we all know that those instances are not what I am refering to. We do not even allow chat users on MyPraize to type, "OMG" as I feel that this is just as bad and irreverant. Am I alone on this? Am I taking it too far? I would rather someone have enough conviction to not even utter His name, or to type it out, than to use it in such a non-respectful way. -Matt

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