Well, yes and no. In Jewish and Messianic circles, we speak of \"guarding\" the Torah. English translations often referring to \"keeping\" G-d\'s Word, but in reality, the Hebrew word used is closer to \"guard\" the way one might \"guard\" a city. In order to guard a city, we might build moats, or walls, ramparts OUTSIDE the city limits, in order that the city proper not ever be breached. Likewise with G-d\'s Word. Since it IS something Holy, which we don\'t want to see trampled, we often go slightly beyond what His Word actually tells us to do, simply to protect and \"build a wall around\" everything that He actually did tell us to do. I don\'t really believe that \"G-d\" is His Name. It is a common noun, which we make into a proper noun, for the purpose of expressing that we ARE talking about The One True G-d. Therefore, I also don\'t believe that these things are taking His TRUE Name in vain. BUT that said, it IS better to go the extra mile to keep Holy what is Holy. I would guess that many of us here know Him by no other name, so it certainly is appropriate that we don\'t misuse or take lightly the Name by which we call Him. We could debate whether or not it\'s truly sacriligious to do so, but ultimately, I think your policy is building good habits in people, either way, so I support it.

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