[b]MisterNathan wrote:[/b] [quote][b]MaddMatt wrote:[/b] [quote][b]MisterNathan wrote:[/b] [quote] Now, something I recently confronted myself on was portrayed usage of His Name in vain. Really, I can't say that a Christian actor taking His Name in vain while portraying a depraved character is any worse than a Christian actor raping a girl to portray a rapist.[/quote] Interesting... ;) I am not too sure that I would do either of those as an actor... -Matt[/quote] Well, if everyone is perfect in a film, that kinda makes for a dull film. :P[/quote] Hmm... However, in a film to make people aware of child abuse, and to help a cause to get people involved or to educate people on child abuse, and child sex crimes the actor would not "actually" rape a girl. It would merely be insinuated. The actual act would not take place. If the actor actually uses His name in vain, then the act is real, and not perceived. -Matt

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