Satan is a subtle and deceptive liar who loves to "muddy up" the waters, so to speak. Think about it. What better way is there to dupe Christian than to have something subtle as this to plant doubts in their heads? I have a hunch that this is where most of the "religion" thing is coming from. Since coming back to God in 2005, I've noticed a few things about some Christians. My first church after coming back was a home church. The reverend's sermons were all about keeping what he said in church a secret "because Satan can't understand thoughts, only the oral word, no one would understand unless they were a member. etc" He wanted his actions to be kept a secret. He was so subtle that not one of us understood that he was deceiving us. He took us all in to the point that the members say, "Of course they'll say that since he's not here to defend himself !:" when I found out many things about him after his 2007 death. He cheated one of the members out of thousands of dollars when the man didn't have the money. The man or his family is stuck with paying credit cards. He also wanted to be in charge of a person's money like a trustee or something. Even my brothers didn't do that to me or anyone else! He was a pedophile. He'd tell the congregation what was said in private after a member would confide in him when the member wouldn't do what he wanted the person to do These are just the iceberg tips.

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