I figured it was something like that. Thanks. Before I posted this, I looked on the internet and I found one story. I'm not sure if any of you have heard of Isa, but it's what Jesus is called in the Koran. I was looking to see if the Koran maybe said something about Jesus' early life and when I searched Isa, I got some results about Islam and other things about a man called Issa, with two S's. Issa was said to come mysteriously into existence at the age of 12 and disappear at the age of 29. He traveled through India studying Hinduism. The title of the webpage was "The Lost Years of Jesus." It said that in 1894 a Russian doctor broke his leg while traveling through China, Afghanistan, Tibet, and India. A Buddhist monastery took him in until he could walk on his own again. He spent a lot of time in the library and came across these texts about Issa which he had someone translate and he recorded. When he returned to western Russia, he shared his findings obviously with controversy. He was accused of making the whole thing up. Two other men took a trip to the Himalayas to find the texts and both returned with essentially the same translations of the life of St Issa. So is it possible that the reason why there are not any accounts (or any credible accounts) of Jesus' early life is because he wasn't in Palestine for people to witness and write down?

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