Let me get my rant out of the way first... Matt, why would the son of G-d go to India to study Hinduism? that makes no sense he is G-d he knows whats right and whats wrong and doesn't need to study a false religion. and really your going to trust the Koran on this? really, its a book full of contradictions like don't even get me started. okay now to the point. I'm glad you are thinking about this and asking questions. The reason why Jesus' early life isn't in the bible is because it was boring, he went to work with Joesph everyday and helped take care of his family he lived just like a normal Jewish man, up until he reached the age when a man was eligible to become a high priest (he was not a of the tribe of Levi so that was not happening) which is when he started his ministry. Do you understand what I'm saying? if not sorry I'll try again :)

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