First off, no one can prove whether there is a God or not. According to Christians, God is real and he loves everyone. He even loved all the Jews that brutally died in the Holocaust, loved them so much that he sent them to Hell because they don't believe Jesus is his son. Reread that last sentence and tell me what part of it makes sense. I still don't understand how God loves everyone. How he has a "plan" for everyone. Apparently he allows people to be born and become atheists, Jews, Muslims, and so on, just so they can be sent to Hell for eternity. I find this to be a flaw in the Christian religion. So the Christians are the lucky ones and everyone else who has a different belief is doomed for eternity? You know some people are certain religions (in fact most people) because they are raised that way in their family? A person raised Jewish is likely to stay Jewish. A person raised Muslim is likely to stay Muslim. Why wouldn't God allow everyone to be raised Christian? Because of this, many nice people that I know that are different religions from Christianity are going to Hell! This is not love. But many will say that the Bible is true and that it is the Christian mission to spread the word of God. They are trying to convert those of other religions. Although, many will find it difficult to transition to another religion. It is not an easy thing to do to change someone else's belief. You also have to keep in mind that people of different religions want to convince others that theirs is the truth. It's a never ending cycle; everyone believes that their religion is the true one. As for me, I am agnostic. I do not know if there is a God or not, but I do believe that the Bible is not true. Yes, no one can prove how life came to be or how anything came to be for that matter. These are questions that have no answer and probably never will. But that doesn't mean you should believe like the Bible, written many years ago, just because it attempts to give an answer. According to the Bible, we are all a product of incest. We are flawed as a species because a talking snake told a girl to eat an apple from a magic tree. The entire universe was made in six days, and then God rested because he was... tired? You can bring up the argument: oh, so something came from nothing, and life appeared out of nowhere? Well, some great being may have created us, but it's not how it was done in the Bible. Like I said, these are questions that have no answers! You might as well ask who created God. Maybe one day we will get answers, but I'm sorry, the Bible is just too silly for me to believe in. And besides, we have evidence on how planets and galaxies are created. You know, nebulas and all that? This stuff exists, you can't ignore it. It's only life... that's the big question. One last thing, read Matthew 5:21-22 before you comment, don't want to increase your risk of going to hell ;)

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