It seems as though you are less confused by parts of the Bible, and more in disagreement with them. So much so that you wanted to spark a debate about it some time ago. If you find yourself on line any time soon and still wish to talk about it, I often find myself bored. I have to ask though, which part did you want to talk about; >God's love for humanity, >God's plan for humanity and individuals, >God's call for Christians to make disciples of the nations, >The ease of changing religions or why people choose the religions they do, >Why believing what you believe is right is important, >The wisdom of the bible, The timeless advice it gives to even non believers, and the portions still in use today amongst various faith backgrounds, >Why God rested after the 6th day, and God's concept of time, >Literal vs. Figurative translation of the bible, >Us all being a product of incest, >Why creation as described in the bible couldn't have been how a supreme being went about creating the world in a literal or figurative sense of time. Not to be confused with how creation actually may have come about. We're being hypothetical as to why supreme beings choose to do anything. Not that it's any of our business, them being Supreme Beings and all. >Why Christians, such as myself, don't ignore things "like nebulas and all that" and agree that they exist, in that theoretical scientific, "until we can bottle and sell it it doesn't exist in a concrete way" way. >"It's only life...that's the big question."? please clarify. Are we down grading life? Are we asking the huge question of "What is the meaning of life," or "what is life?" How does this fit in with your other arguments? And I read Matthew 5:21-22. I applaud your use of scripture. To ensure I am not sent to hell, during our conversation I will refrain from calling you a moron. To spare myself from judgement, I will not get angry. To spare myself the Sanhedrin, I will not call you a fool. As it was your scripture reference, please do the same. We are now free to converse like adults about which ever topic you choose. I promise to be as knowledgeable as possible and find the most correct answers to all questions. And use punctuation and spell check. Because that's always seemed important. :)

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