Jesus expressed 'I am', because He was not created. Also the Father Son and Holy Spirit are not all God... that would mean there are 3 gods, and it is not true. There is one God. Jesus is the Son of God, not God. The Holy Spirit submits to the will of God. Any believer in Christ has the Holy Spirit, and any believer in Christ keeps his commands. Jesus is the model of what every servant of God should be. God is the only one who is good. God lacks nothing and it is impossible for Him to sin, that reality testifies He is good. But even Jesus was tempted, meaning he is not good, but Jesus is righteous, He himself denied being good. The righteous are all led by the Holy Spirit. God is referred to as The Father. God is used to attempt to articulate the one who is above all. He does not share his supremacy with anyone, but he exalts and humbles, yet no one is great as He, for Jesus expressed, 'the Father is greater than I'. Is that not in scripture? Jesus has authority over all creation, he is referred to as 'the firstborn over creation'. This is in scripture. He is also a priest, and a priest is not God. For it has been written: 'You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek'. A priest is in the middle of God and a being, a priest is a Godly being. Was it not expressed to believers 'You are a royal priesthood'? And all who are led by the Holy Spirit are not dominated by sin, for whoever breaks one command breaks them all. Whoever says 'I know God', but does not keep his commands is a liar, and the truth is not in Him. Can a man keep the commands with his own power? No! Christ's gift of salvation is not a pass to sin, such a doctrine is condemned. For it is expressed that false teachers have taught that godliness is a license to sin, or a means to financial wealth. Is it not in scripture? Who can receive salvation then? Run from sin and it will be far from you. Does it hurt to repent? I have done it. Fear not, was not Abraham delivered? Was not Isaac delivered? Fear not, for He who has promised is faithful. Though there is pain when a woman bears a child, out of hope for the birth she endures, and in the end her pain is forgotten, for a new creation has entered the world. No one who puts their faith in God is condemned, they have eternal life. But is faith only inward? Are not all of a man's conduct from his heart? Sin comes from a defiled heart, and Righteousness from faith, the heart on which the law of God is written, is a heart that seeks the living God, for was it not expressed: 'I will write my law in their hearts'. Is this not in scripture? It hurts the defiled heart to refrain from sin. However, run from sin and it will be far from you. Repentance is not comfortable for a sinner, but it is not a battle that cannot be won. FEAR NOT. GOD IS FAITHFUL, SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND, KNOCK AND THE DOOR WILL BE OPENED, ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE. Do not allow sin to master you. If you are commendable you will be rewarded, but if not, then sin is at your door, it seeks to master you, but do not let it.Was that not expressed by God to Cain? If you think it is impossible to live without being ruled by sin, then I will liken you to a zombie, a walking corpse. It is possible, there is a light. That Light is the Messiah, the Word of God. You may come to know what one expresses through a word, likewise one may come to know God through the Word, the Father through the Son. Is this not in scripture? Only through the Word does one go to The Father. Whoever believes in the Father believes in the Son, and vice versa. Like Father like Son. The Son shares the character of The Father. The disciples of The Son share the character of The Son. They are sons and daughters of the Most High. To God be the glory.

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