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Plaid Bee
Amen! Some of us (myself included) need to eat less bread and consume God?s word instead! As Ezekiel and John the Beloved discovered, you gotta ?eat the book,? get into the word and get it into you, before you can share the message with others.
Plaid Bee
2021 was a rough year for folks who lost loved ones. But we have a God who sees and hears our cries and comforts us in our sorrow. Check out this blog and share the hope with someone you know who?s hurting: https://psalm8116.com/the-god-who-sees-comfort-fo…
Plaid Bee
Here?s an encouraging word for whoever needs it today: Ryan Stevenson ~ No Matter What (Lyrics)
Plaid Bee
And here?s another that compares digging ditches with seemingly fruitless ministry efforts: https://enduringword.com/digging-ditches/. God is calling His people to listen to His voice, to stop thinking the worst of our situations and start preparing for His blessings to come. I?m praying and believing for Him to refresh the warriors of Christ and to rout the enemies in the dry valley where I live. I am networking with others to bring living water from where it?s currently flowing to where it?s needed. How are you getting the work of the kingdom done where He has sent you?
Plaid Bee
Here?s a great blog about laboring in obedience to a word from the Lord that makes very little sense: https://gracemarshall.com/digging-ditches/. What ?ditches? are you digging in anticipation of God?s provision and deliverance?
Plaid Bee
If you live to serve and would like to travel, I highly recommend Mission Builders International. You can learn more at: https://www.missionbuilders.org/explore/.
Plaid Bee
Welcome to myPraize! I lived in Springfield about 10 years. ? Buckle of the Bible belt?! Have you shopped at Redeemed Music and Books?
Plaid Bee
Prayers appreciated during the next week, as we help family with an interstate move. Safe travels and no damage to household items, please! Also my spouse and I need clear direction and open doors for a big move of our own.
Plaid Bee
Most of us know from Galatians 6 what the weapons of our warfare are. But what is our stance, our tactic? Are we to defend what we have or take back what was stolen? Check out this blog at https://psalm8116.com/storming-the-gates-taking-t… to see!
Plaid Bee
Yeah, I don?t want to be one of those folks that have the demons say, ?Jesus I know, and Paul I know, but who are you?? (Acts 19:15).
Plaid Bee
Love your bio! So many folks would be so much more healthy and happy if they made better choices about diet, activities and self-talk.
Plaid Bee
I'm a published author and professional proofreader--a.k.a. "manuscript midwife." I'd love to offer whatever encouragement I can to a fellow communicator for Christ.
Plaid Bee
Love how you welcome everyone to myPraize! You are a great example of someone with a gift of encouragement who practices hospitality.
Plaid Bee
Amen! Self-will is never God's will. Selfish ambition is the hallmark of demonic wisdom and leads to nothing but confusion and every imaginable evil (James 3:14-16).
Plaid Bee
Those people at work or home that drive you crazy? They're not your enemies. The politicians and public figures who are doing insane things? They are not the source of what's wrong with our society. It's the spirits that dominate the people bent on self-destruction that we are fighting against. Pray against those demonic influences and pray FOR the people held captive by the real enemy. Treat them with kindness, and you may just rescue them from their POW camp and recruit them for God's army (2 Timothy 2:24-26)!

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