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Hannah Dyer
OMG! I remember this picture. Love it so much!! Two points!
Kelleigh Brock
I love your picture.
Philip Knouff
Sure is.
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
I know! Of course, I\'m sure the wrong people think they\'re right... But that\'s they way of the world huh?
Philip Knouff
Haha. yeah it does and there\'s a lot of wrong people in the debate forum. :P
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
I totally get that. I haven\'t been in the debate forums lately... Agh! I must get back in there! Doesn\'t it irk you when someone is *gasp* actually WRONG online? lol.
Philip Knouff
I actually found it on a random site I came across using Stumbleupon. I thought it was funny because I have stayed up really late posting in the debate forum.
Emi Noneofurbusiness!
Wow. Your main pic is JUST like me. lol. I love it. Where did you find it?
Brianna Loging
I love your picture.
Philip Knouff
Katie Cain
thanks lol
Katie Cain
hey gr8 background wherd u get that?
Philip Knouff
I found it on a free wallpaper website through google. I think I search for \"free Christian wallpapers\" :)
Benjamin Serfyman
Hey, I just felt like posting on your wall. That phillips lightbulb thing is pretty cool, so I clicked on it. Anyway, Awesome background pic (flame cross thing). Well, ttyl. Serf aka \"Gareth\" aka Ben
Carolina Lopez
woo hoo! first 1 2 write on ur wall!! hehe :D

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