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Elaine Ricardo
Me at Homecoming as Homecoming attendant
Elaine Ricardo
Austin and me at Homecoming
Elaine Ricardo
katy mcay
hey girl its erin ur \"sis\"imiss u soooo much :!: :!: :cry:
katy mcay
hey \"sis\" i ttly luv ur pic ur sooo pretty i luv u bunches \'n buches!!!!!!!! :wink: :wink:
Elaine Ricardo
AHHHHHHH what is that thing on your picture?!?!?!?!?!?! :lol: jk
Mary Beth McCay
hey y rn\'t u on if we hav the day out of school??? im not on all the time but hey u havnt been on in 4evr
cara hardy-moore
i havent been 2 ur pg in 4ever... so i thought i would come here well talk to ya l8r! `cara`
Mary Beth McCay
hheeeeeeeeeeeey wat up gurl u havn\'t been on in a while! love ya buh bye :D :) 8)
katie osburn
hey i know you!!!!!! i found yours!!!!!!!lol!! I like frapacino\'s(sorry for spelling) :lol:
Mary Beth McCay
hey elaine!!! u r lucky 2 go on vacation !!! :D luv ya and see ya soon tell evryone i say hi when u go back 2 school!!!
Elaine Ricardo
Merry CHRISTmas
Elaine Ricardo
Hey babe!! LOVE you so much! Just wanted to write on your wall and say hey!! You are so awesome!! TTYL, adn what does []D[][]V[][]D[] mean? :wink:
fritzi fliedner
greetings from germany!!!!!! how are you girl??? hope to see you around sometime
Mary Beth McCay
hey i am writing on ur wall so u should write on mine girly luvs ya !!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :!: :wink:

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