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Matthew Conner
Date Night 9/2011 in Divide/Woodland Park, CO
Matthew Conner
In Nicholson Library (I'm just a little to the rig
Matthew Conner
Matthew Conner
I need to get back on here more often. I completely forgot about this site. lol. The last comment I got from you was back around March.
Autumn Hudson
i hear that when i go to my grandmas i luv riding my bike its so relaxing
Matthew Conner
It\'s not too bad. Got a new bike and went on 2 really long rides on it. lol. I\'m a little sore from it, but it feels good to get out for a while like that. lol
Autumn Hudson
Matthew Conner
Yes, it does. But in other news, I\'m on spring break now. lol
Autumn Hudson
that super sucks
Matthew Conner
Well, I couldn\'t go. No ride for me. Stupid CAB office had to put it on the same night as a big game AU was hosting. It\'s the first night we got to do that ever if I remember correctly. And they failed. They should have kept the original date they put up for it. That would be this weekend.
Autumn Hudson
sweet deal!!!i get to work friday yay
Matthew Conner
Oh, fun. . . :roll: lol. I\'ve got laser tag and pizza this Friday. It\'s not often I get to play, so I\'ve got to go to this.
Matthew Conner
Not a lot right. Just dealing with the average college stuff. lol. You?
Autumn Hudson
fu fun doing highschool/college stuff
Autumn Hudson
no problem...wats up

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