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Angela Brisby
Angela Brisby
To those who have written on my wall recently. I check mypraize about once a month, because my internet is down, and with a 3yr old, 2yr old and 1yr old, I havent got much spare time on my hands. So don\'t take it personally if I don\'t respond to you very promptly.
Virginia daniels
Hi, such a cute pic! That must be your little one. :D We have 6 children and we\'ve been married almost 26 yrs. God Bless Your Family Today, Virginia
Angela Brisby
Yup, three kids, and one on the way due in march!
Megan Brust
Hello, there!!! I'm guessing you have three children for now? Anyways...have a good one. God bless :D
Angela Brisby
Hola! I was thinking about you guys the other day so I thought I'd check in and see how things are going. Anything new?
Angela Brisby
Hola, I haven't talked to Dianna recently about going up there. I figured she would want to wait until they were settled. But if the next two weekends are not good for you, maybe we can do three weekends from now. Maybe they'll be settled by then. I'll talk to my people and you talk to your people, then we'll talk :)
Christi Cartier
Soooo, Have you and Di had a chance to talk at all about coming out here for our "girl's night?" I know she's in the middle of a big move and all, but I wonder if maybe it might be a good time, I don't know, you guys just let me know when it might work for you. This next weekend through to the next weekend, we're going to Family Camp at Forest Home!
Christi Cartier
-----I ran out of "characters" on that last mesage----- Anyway, so I guess that leaves the next two weekends out, but if you figure anything out, like I said, just let me know. Catch ya later!!
Christi Cartier
Hey there Ang!!! Herer you are!! there are a couple things that are different here than on myspace, I haven't quite figured out everything yet, but it's cool to be able to chat. sorry if I don't respond right away, but I can't always get on to this thing, my computer's acting up every once in a while!!!
Angela Brisby
Hey! I made it! :D
Angela Brisby
I'm here
Angela Brisby
My other blog
Angela Brisby
Hi to whoever sees this. I am officially welcoming myself to MyPraize. 8)

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