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Sea Raven Press
Show your support for the preservation of American history. Purchase and display our “Protect Our Confederate Monuments” stick flag! The Confederates were Conservatives who fought to preserve the Constitution, which is why their memory and honor deserve our protection and respect. Details: Flag is 12" x 18", wooden staff is 30" long, contains the Great Seal of the Confederate States and the words: “Respect, Protect, and Save Our Confederate Monuments.” Buy it on our Webstore: https://www.SeaRavenPress.com Click on “Flags.” #ConfederateFlags #ConfederateMonuments #ConfederacyRocks #TheConfederatesWereConservatives #SeaRavenPress
Sea Raven Press
Love the American West? Love Sea Raven Press? Purchase our stunning new SRP poster, photographed and designed by nature/wildlife photographer #LochlainnSeabrook. This high-resolution print measures 11" x 17" and is suitable for framing. Beautify any living space with fine art photo prints from Sea Raven Press! Available on our Webstore under “Merch”: https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #LandscapePhotography #AmericanWestPhotography #FineArtPhotography #FineArtPhotoPrints #SeaRavenPress
Sea Raven Press
NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! Why did Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John leave out all mention of the time period in Jesus’ life between his teens and early adulthood, and just what was the Master doing during this crucially important missing 18 year period? Read award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook’s book “The Greatest Jesus Mystery of All Time: Where Was Christ Between the Ages of 12 and 30?” and discover the stunning theories for yourself! Available in paperback and hardcover at https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #JesusMystery #ChristsLostYears #ChristianHistory #BibleStudies #SeaRavenPress
Sea Raven Press
NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! Is there life after so-called death? Read our latest book, “Your Soul Lives Forever: Documented Victorian Case Studies Proving Consciousness Survives Death,” by award-winning author Lochlainn Seabrook. Includes nearly 400 detailed accounts of paranormal phenomena - from apparitions and ESP to precognitive dreams and mental healing - by credible 19th-Century British Christians, all indicating there are realities not currently recognized by conventional science. Illustrated. Available in paperback and hardcover at https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #LifeAfterDeath #Immortality #Spiritualism #Ghosts #SeaRavenPress
Sea Raven Press
When’s the last time you visited our Sea Raven Press Website? We’re always adding new books, as well as other products, that are especially geared toward independent thinkers, truth-seekers, and freedom-loving individuals. That’s why we’re called America’s #1 source for non-mainstream books. Check us out at https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #RealBooks #RealHistory #SeaRavenPress
Sea Raven Press
NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! Pick up your copy of our latest illustrated book, “Mysterious Invaders: Twelve Famous 20th-Century Scientists Confront the UFO Phenomenon,” by award-winning author Lochlainn Seabrook. Learn the truth about UFOs and UAPs from those who scientifically studied them during the 1950s and 1960s and shared their shocking findings during a symposium before the U.S. Congress in 1968. Contributors included Carl Sagan, J. Allen Hynek, Stanton T. Friedman, and James E. McDonald. Still highly relevant! Available on our Webstore in paperback and hardcover: https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #UAPS #UFOS #CarlSagan #JAllenHynek #UFOSymposium
Sea Raven Press
Happy Birthday to one of America's greatest statesmen: Alexander H. Stephens, who served for decades in the U.S. Congress before and after the War for the Constitution (1861-1865). Learn the truth about this beloved Southern icon and deeply patriotic American Conservative. Read our bestselling books: "The Quotable Alexander H. Stephens" and "The Alexander H. Stephens Reader." Available on our Webstore in paperback and hardcover: https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #AlexanderHStephens #RealCivilWar #RealHistoryMatters
Sea Raven Press
NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT! Remember what you were taught in school about the Hampton Roads Conference, held on Feb. 3, 1865, between Lincoln & 3 Confederate officials? All false! Learn the truth in our newly published book: “The Hampton Roads Conference: The Southern View,” by award-winning author-historian Lochlainn Seabrook. It will forever change the way you look at the War, the South, & American history. Available in paperback & hardcover at https://www.SeaRavenPress.com #RealCivilWar #HamptonRoadsConference #FactualHistoryMatters
Sea Raven Press
SHOP SEA RAVEN PRESS FOR ALL YOUR CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAY NEEDS! We specialize in unique books in nearly all genres, beautiful merch for the home, & family-friendly gifts for all occasions. Visit our Websites now! #ChristmasShopping #HolidaysGifts https://www.SeaRavenPress.com https://www.SeaRavenPressStore.com http://www.TheBestCivilWarBookEver.com
Sea Raven Press
KNOW SOMEONE WHO’S CLUELESS ABOUT THE CIVIL WAR & STILL THINKS THE CONFEDERATE FLAG IS “RACIST”? Have them pick up a copy of what people are calling “THE BEST CIVIL WAR BOOK EVER!” This is the book everyone’s talking about: "Everything You Were Taught About the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!" - the international blockbuster by award-winning writer-historian Lochlainn Seabrook (SCV). Foreword is by African-American educator Nelson W. Winbush (SCV). Available at https://www.SeaRavenPress.com
Sea Raven Press
REMEMBER THE BATTLE OF FRANKLIN, fought November 30, 1864! Pick up your copy of our popular reference book, “Encyclopedia of the Battle of Franklin: A Comprehensive Guide to the Conflict That Changed the Civil War,” by award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook (SCV), with a foreword by Michael Givens, former Commander-in-Chief, Sons of Confederate Veterans. This is the only work of its kind. Available on our Webstore: www.SeaRavenPress.com #BattleOfFranklin #RealCivilWar #FactsMatter
Sea Raven Press
Africa was enslaving & selling her own inhabitants long before the arrival of Caucasian peoples, & she vigorously continues the practice of domestic slavery today. Learn the truth about the peculiar institution, a truth that has been suppressed by the mainstream for the past 150 years. Read our bestselling book, “Everything You Were Taught About American Slavery is Wrong, Ask a Southerner!” by award-winning historian & slavery scholar Lochlainn Seabrook, SCV, with a foreword by African-American educator Barbara G. Marthal, B.A., M.Ed. Available in paperback & hardcover on our Webstore: www.SeaRavenPress.com #SlaveryBooks #RealAmericanHistory #FactsMatter
Sea Raven Press
If you're a General Forrest fan you'll want a copy of "A REBEL BORN: A DEFENSE OF NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST," by Forrest’s cousin, award-winning historian & unreconstructed Tennessee author Lochlainn Seabrook, SCV. Known as Seabrook's "masterpiece," this bestselling 822 page work contains everything you'll ever need to defend Forrest & the South! Heavily researched & illustrated. Confederate Veteran magazine calls it "The definitive Forrest biography!" The Foreword is by Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, author of "Defending Dixie." Purchase "A REBEL BORN" from our online store & get fast friendly service & a free Forrest bookmark! #NBForrest #RealCivilWar #FactsMatter http://www.SeaRavenPress.com
Sea Raven Press
LIKE GHOST STORIES? Interested in the War Between the States? Check out our bestselling book "Carnton Plantation Ghost Stories: True Tales of the Unexplained From Tennessee's Most Haunted Civil War House!" by award-winning Southern historian Lochlainn Seabrook. Makes a great Halloween gift! Available in paperback & hardcover at www.SeaRavenPress.com #GhostStories #Halloween #CivilWarGhosts #RealHistory #FactsMatter
Sea Raven Press
IF YOU’RE AN ANIMAL LOVER OR A NATURE LOVER, you’ll want a copy of our bestselling book: “The Concise Book of Owls: A Guide to Nature’s Most Mysterious Birds,” by award-winning historian and writer-naturalist Lochlainn Seabrook. Densely illustrated with nearly 200 color and black-and-white photos and artwork, the book’s 11 fact-packed chapters provide a thorough introduction to these enchanting birds. Available in paperback and hardcover on our Webstore! SEA RAVEN PRESS: www.SeaRavenPress.com #Owls #Birds #NatureBooks #NaturalHistory #Ornithology #ScienceBooks #LochlainnSeabrook #SeaRavenPress

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