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Abbie Durby
my cousin!
Abbie Durby
I like to smile
Abbie Durby
Me, Cousin, and Trevor
Abbie Durby
*Best friends in Cali. *
Abbie Durby
art self portrait pic (4)
Abbie Durby
abbie and gabi again
Abbie Durby
my church group on a missions trip last year
Abbie Durby
me and tommy with the lead singer of disciple
Abbie Durby
Abbie's pics 008
Abbie Durby
Rachel A.
\"I love God no matter what?\" repost this to 5 other people that u now in 5 mines. If You Truly Love GOD. A miracle Will Happen Tonight. P.S. Don?t ignore God always watches
joe rizzuto
think of somthing nice ***** ***** ***** ***** Dr. Suess has now entered your house make a wish when the count down ends 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Make a wish! send this to ten people before one hour is up after you did this or else your wish wont come true
sese lol
hey whats up :!:
Cassie Foy
hey im a preachers kid saw u in this group thought id say hey :!:
kandace owens
Hi I would like to get to know you would you like to talk :lol:

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