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Austin Brady
Austin Brady
Laura Johnson
Is that you pic? If it is you\'re hot!
Morgan takota
wow ur soooooo cute plz add me
marisol randall
watch ur back! jk
MyPraize Band
Hey God Bless!! We have new music up from the best mixtape, Sample Of Life!!!! Availible Now!!!! Come check them out and let us know what you think...Listen... then leave feedback and comments...Songs to check for Cmon Baby, Work me and Good Enough, and for the hard rap lovers check out 4 da Hood!!
kayla mcmanus
hey austin wats up have not tlk to u in a while at least on mypraize do u have a myspace????
damaris axt
emily pope
is that u ^ :shock: :D
Angelica Gutierrez
congratulations for being engaged 8)
melissa Carley
sup! congragulations i guess :lol:
deja delph
yeah we r engaged so girls get off of my man :x :cry: :) :D :shock: 8) :lol: :roll: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :(
kayla mcmanus
hey austin r u ready for school??? 8)
kaitlyn Moore
WOW!!! :shock: :shock: you look like my uncle!!!! thats a compliment, cause he looks like me!!!!! teehehe!!!! lol... j jk!!! so... whats your name? mines kaitlyn!!!! oh, and, congrats on the engagement!!!!!
Stephanie Hernandez
aww, ur engaged, thats cool! :D

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