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Alley Russell
Leslie Christy
woooooooah you actually get on here lol wow i havent gotten on in like FOREVER,
Alley Russell
I remember talking to youuuu, but we haven\'t talked in awhile. But nothing much wbu ?
Josiah Ward
hi whats up sorry you don\'t know we talk a long time age
Tara Flint
were u on this morning b4 school???? im still sick... :(
Alley Russell
tara open house is thursday
Tara Flint
no way! lol ya i know..ill b at the 6:00 one
Alley Russell
yea. miss soliz said its going to be the best yr ever. lol
Brook Francis
o wow that will be an interesting year again, and i dont know.
Alley Russell
i guess lol. but guess what im going to lba next yr for one more yr. but then im leaving fer sureee!
Brook Francis
nvm they can just be really rude! and mean!
Alley Russell
what are you talking about?
Brook Francis
what? and boys are so stupid!
hannah sides
omg thats funny!
Alley Russell
heyy mine has been great what about yurs. and guess whattt!

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