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ally buffington
ally buffington
Asking Alexandria :))
ally buffington
ally buffington
I like this picture, what do you think?
ally buffington
ally buffington
ally buffington
Thanks for the request
ally buffington
Mark Ornelas
No prob! Let me know what u think of my wristbands :) I dewing and sell em :)
ally buffington
Hey. Thanks for the request. :)
Kylee Eyler
like i try to hit it soft but it never goes in it goes out
Kylee Eyler
idk my coach was the one that told me that so then idk what she is talking about cause i cant serve with a volley-light its 2 hard
Kylee Eyler
Ya well they said it hurts there hands that why they play with them but idk
Kylee Eyler
ya tht would be pretty awesome but carlis team for waco plays with the volley lights and we cant play with them do u guys play with the volleyball
Kylee Eyler
ohh really lol i had a turnament on saturday and it was for 13s and waco one but we beat the hub team and the waco a team i think won the whole thing but we got 3rd thatr is pretty good for the sencond turnament the last one we got second and we beat the 12 a team so we must not be to bad

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