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Irene Martinez
Alie Sada
do you still have my book?
Irene Martinez
ur awesome! =D i love your music! keep up da good work! :D
Irene Martinez
thx!=D hey i\'m leaving 2 my retreat! i will b gone 2day-19th {tear} pray 4 me! take care! ♥ irene =D
Irene Martinez
lol hey alie! how do u put the hearts? [heart}...i don\'t think that worked
Alie Sada
IRENE! lol whats been goin on? lol you better comment be back or...else! lol j/k -&hearts-Alie
Alie Sada
i ment -♥-Alie lol :D
Alie Sada
& hearts ; (without the spaces) = ♥
Heather P.
Yea ! I\'m the first! Oh ya oh ya ! lol So Hi Irene! WAts up? Well comment me back ok!
Hannah Gandara
[u]hey irene thanks 4 the add!!![/u] [i]see you soon at skool!![/i] [b]¢¾hannah[/b]
Irene Martinez
hey heather! guess who was the person who {inspired} ast! lol sorry hannah...i felt like competition! lol j/k
Irene Martinez
ha ha! i\'m the 1st{besided u} 2 write on ur wall! lol wats up? :?:

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