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Amy abc
Amy abc
Joni Bryant
it was an accident lol
Amy abc
then y not? and y did she do that?!
Joni Bryant
because when i was doing my porfile my sis hit me in the arm and it put 2000 or watever and i never changed it lol
Joni Bryant
NOO!! lol 15
Amy abc
then y does it say 8 on ur profile?
Amy abc
yeah but one fast qu are u really 8?!
Joni Bryant
thanx for putting me on your tp why does everyone like justin bieber now?
Joni Bryant
o ok i heard him on mtv
Amy abc
idk! i just think hes a really good singer thats all and kinda cute!
Dustin Broken
shes notmad lol
Amy abc
yo dude your \"gf\" doesnt like me any more i think! well plz tell her i am as srry as srry can be! i just wanna be her and your friend thats all! plz!
bambi sunshine! :)
hey im on ur top thank you!
Amy abc
hi there!!!!!!

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