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Elisaveta Avilla
my metals
Elisaveta Avilla
Autumn Hudson
movinh back into my moms
Elisaveta Avilla
nothin much, you? busy w/ homework *grrr*
Autumn Hudson
hey wats up
charlie irvin
well they canceled the valentines day dance at school and it made me mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well its feb.26 or feb.24 i cant rember but i think that its a little too late to do a valentines day dance!! Dont u think so???
charlie irvin
hello what have u been up to??
charlie irvin
cool mine is this friday and i dont know if i am going to go or not
charlie irvin
i know so what have u been up to???
charlie irvin
hey what r u doing??? Hey u should look at my pictures and the picture that says cooper he is my doggie and he has a brother that is the same as him then we have another dog he is a german shephard and i cant spell
charlie irvin
its okay!! MY friend is going to help me!!
charlie irvin
thats good that u dont have homework!! Right now i am working on a project that is due on the 28!! Its sooooo hard!! Its about the classification system and i have 2 have bout 30 to 40 some pictures!!
charlie irvin
school is doing good!!!! How about u?????
charlie irvin
hey have not herd from u in forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autumn Hudson
bubba hes my bestie for life

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