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david stoddard
david stoddard
Hannah Galindo
I like youre song david!(:
Alexis Briley
david stoddard
that was my sister and kylie
Hannah Galindo
I\'m not even gonna argie with you go ahead and think wat you want to it\'s cool.[:
Hannah Galindo
No he dosn\'t lexi[:
Alexis Briley
Acutally he does call me sister susy! He text me today saying hey sister sooo yah
Alexis Briley
umm yah i think not he likes me wayyyyyyyyy moorrreee cuz im niccee to him and i let him watch scary movies with us!!(: he doesn\'t call any of yall sister now does he nope only me and susy so HA
Alexis Briley
Alexis Briley
umm yes he does he calls me sister... He sure doesn\'t like you a lot trust me!!!
suzy Stoddard
guess he likes all of yall the same ok lexi and stop fighting lexi he dose not call u sista yall arent even sistser and stuff ok soooooooooooooo stop fight kk thanx ( not to be mean)
Carissa Taylor
hey now he likes me the most!!!!!!! im at his house more.....now.....i hang with him...BROTHA haha
Alexis Briley
But you like me the most right brother? Lol I\'m the nicest to youuu!!(:
Hannah Galindo
i like this picture of you(:

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