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Stephanie Bragg
Stephanie Bragg
Dude i figured out my username. it just hit me.
Stephanie Bragg
HEy! Im doing good. 8) I just love being with my best friend. She is so fetch! lol We went to her works picnic and that was so fun. I was playing volleyball and making fun of Neil when he would throw incomplete passes with his football. Thats her boss. I could work there now but im not going to.
Stephanie Bragg
Hey Lee! what have you been up to?
Wayne Dippel
lol. how r u doin?
shelby steele
heY LuV Ur OpInIoN On My WaLl LoL CyA :D
Stephanie Bragg
Umm that game quiz thing is like all the rest i didn\'t have to do it because i\'ve done it before and it is dumb. 8)
Stephanie Bragg
Dude who is that cute boy on the couch in your picture! heehee
Stephanie Bragg
oh I hope you know im kidding about the Batman question i forgot to write Jk. heehee bye
jon doe
da dadadadad dada..........BATMAN!!! (random)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8) redeemed
shelby steele
Hey girlie I am reallllllllllyyy gonna miss uuuuuuu sooo much hope to talk to u soon luv ya shelbs
Stephanie Bragg
Hey i like that pic. I remember that. I will miss you buddy. :( See you later bro!
Stephanie Bragg
No Drew I will miss you more :!: :lol:
Stephanie Bragg
peruvian 6th July 2007 06:49:25 whats Minnie without Mickey? whats Tigger without Pooh? whats Patrick without Spongebob? whats me without you? send this to 10 ppl you LOVE or FRIENDS you never want to lose!!! if you get this back it means you are important to them too!!!!!!!! ( :wink:
andrew dippel
lol that is my favorite pic. well i will miss you steph :\'(

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