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Brooke Pickel
my dog
Brooke Pickel
i love beyonce
Brooke Pickel
Brooke Pickel
Brooke Pickel
hey bama22
Lauren Light
c u at school wednesday!!!
Chelsie Boyd
Just stopping by to wish my fellow Georgian a Merry CHRISTmas!!! and to invite you to the Truetts Grill Nugget Drop (South Atlanta\'s largest new years eve celebration) on New Years Eve in McDonough, Ga... Keep on doing what you do for Jesus.
Lauren Light
Merry Christmas
Brooke Pickel
i sent u a message
Lauren Light
thanks for the message! next time you go to my profile look at my pictures.
Lauren Light
hey brooke i got a my praize today!! it me Lauren
Jessica Pierson
hey i am cassidy\'s friend r u?
Brooke Pickel
yes i am robs friend too
olivia randolph
r u 1 of cassidy\'s friends????
Brooke Pickel
hey its me brooke from chs i miss u i havent seen you in forever so how is 6th grade like i love my new school SBA so send me some thing back later bi

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