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Bree Boyd
yuuhm. =.]
Bree Boyd
Sierra Simers
same just got home from the pool soo how was ur day? ♥ ~Sierra
Sierra Simers
heyy whats up? ~Sierra ♥
Bree Boyd
hey grrly. just hanging out enjoying summer. what are youu up to?
Cassie Galbreath
hey, no problem! so waz up? which one r u in the picture?
Bree Boyd
hey therr. [b]thanks[/b] for the [i]add[/i]
Bree Boyd
hey there [b]beautiful[/b]. thanks for the comment you left on jessie's page about my party. lol. sorry i missed yers. I still love you to death though.
Bree Boyd
haha. thanks courtney for comenting my partayyy. it totally rocked. i hope you had fun too jessie!!
jessie rivera
hey bree..nice poem or w/e that was lol...well i just got back from alaska..and would love to hang out with u and court or whoever soooo call me ok luv you lots hunny dots lol mwah! peace!! :D :)
jessie rivera
oh and even more love from above!!!!!
Bree Boyd
yo homie. Haven't ya heard?! Prep is the new pimp. SO don't go solo. Grab your polo! No need to holla. Just pop ya collaaa. Peace home skillet. ♥ ♥ Bree && Ambi ♥ ♥
jessie rivera
wow nice song bree..lol...i love you soooo much too..thanx for the surprise party it was great...hope to talk to you later sweetie...bu bye xoxoxo lots of love from above
Bree Boyd
You're my hunny bun, sugar plum, pumpy upmpy upmpkin. You're my sweetie pie. You're my cuppy cake, gumdrop, shygumsshmigums pure, The apple of my eye! And I love you so, and I want you to know that i'll always be right here. And I love to sing this song to you, Because you are so dear! haha... i love the Cuppy Cake song.
jessie rivera
i love you too.. yes ma'am i do. bunches and bunches. woohooo lol the sky is green, the grass says hello, the trees came over for tea, the dogs are in bloat......kassy helped me think of this lol...luv you tons sweetie..hope to c ya tomm. mwuah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :!: :!: :)

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