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Anthony Ramos Jr.
Anthony Ramos Jr.
Anthony Ramos Jr.
michael garcia
wat up 8)
michael garcia
Hey Ant My Dad and mom said to tell you whats up more like Hello you will never guess who they are well let me help you out my Dad is Moses My mom is Lisa :)
michael garcia
Moses & Lisa Garcia From Stockton V.O
MyPraize Band
Wat it do? When you get a chance hit up our free foruma @ www.crossculturehiphop.fr eeforums.org
MyPraize Band
Hey wutz up, Just buddy hoppin, and showin sum luv. By the way we are about to release our new mix tape \"saving the streets vol. 2\" on May 18th. Stop by our page, listen to some of the new songs and let us know wut u think aiight. God Bless!!
Anthony Ramos Jr.
ganggirl hey who is this and what city.
Anthony Ramos Jr.
so whats up girl what\'s the scoop on you
Anthony Ramos Jr.
yo what up dog how\'s it going in stockton
jessica soto
why and the world do u have a picture of me, but it says angela soto? your a weirdo! lol jk... yeah i have messanger, jessica_soto2001@yahoo.com
MyPraize Band
not much just chillin
MyPraize Band
Not much this week other than the usual. (church and work)
Anthony Ramos Jr.
what it do

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