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jon suleiman
my ma's whip
jon suleiman
my future car
jon suleiman
me a wile ago in the blue shirt w/ my family
jon suleiman
my moms car
jon suleiman
da way i live
jon suleiman
wat i do
jon suleiman
wat it is
jon suleiman
my nanny,sister and my crib
jon suleiman
Tanner Lang
HAha i noticed ur in the back of the car w/u bro holla back 8)
Naomi Johnson
Man! It\'s been foreva! what\'s up? :?: :)
brooklyn morales
hey :D
lacey robinson
hey man sorry its taken me so long to message back, i havent been on in a while. ive been traving with the fam. so whats up? when do u start skool?
Tanner Lang
hey bro u need to tell nick i aint screewing around im bringing friends so dont tell him aight and its not gonna be pretty aight bro peace 8)
Tanner Lang
hey bro nice PINK hat lolz i know now ur gonna say NO ITS PURPLE but w/e check my new backround out its pimping its the 09 camaro 8)

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