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leumas yekcam
Ramel Bradley
leumas yekcam
Elizabeth Little
hey SEXYY BEAST!!!!! lol
elizabeth c
your taken now! u need to change you status! lol
elizabeth c
col man.. have u finished that thing that we have to do for english??? im almost done. i hate it!
leumas yekcam
yup 13. since june 9
elizabeth c
cool.. so.. are you 13 now???
leumas yekcam
good, i went on a cruise in the bahamas. it was fun
elizabeth c
hey whats up??? we havent talked in a while how has your summer been???
elizabeth c
lol..im happy that it doesnt hurt anymore...lol and lol bout the water thing.. so what have u been doin??? let me guess baseball??? lol bye ttyl
leumas yekcam
it did hurt, but now it healed up. im glad my hair is gone. it feels good in water. well ttyl bye bye
elizabeth c
hey samuel!!!! i saw you 2day!! lol i like your new hair cut lol it looks good on you!!! lol.. did you sunburn hurt??? im sorry :( comment me l8r bye bye 4 now
leumas yekcam
if u r coming 2 awards day, you will see me. when we went to fort knox, me and morgan got our hair cut like the army people. it is pretty much bald. i also got sunburn on my head on friday. it hurts alot. bye bye
elizabeth c
hey samuel whats up??? i feel like i havent talkd to you in forever!!! lol! NO MORE SCHOOL!!!now we dont sit by each other in science lol... ttyl bye!!!!!!
marjorie nosam
lol. dude 140 ppounds?!?!?!?!?!!? FATTY!!!! lol totally kidding

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